Hotwire Hotel: 5* Vancouver (Downtown West) The Pan Pacific Hotel

By socaltam,

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fitness center, pool, restaurant , business center, high speed, golf nearby, spa services

recommended in 85% of customer reviews, 4.5 trip advisor $139 september

would love for it to be the Pan Pacific for cruise convenience-- I need to google the sutton to see where it is located, if it might be the sutton....

thanks in advance!!

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Please post your date(s) for the stay and we'll have a look at this.

Please use the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on the board to begin your travel purchases.

I have no idea what rates typically run, I usually get last minute rates so history on what a 5* might range from in this area would be appreciated

Use the quick search box on top of the page. Type Pan Pacific and you'll get all PRICELINE and HOTWIRE wins.


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Best guess would be The Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver. The TA rating is not live at HOTWIRE and the current rating for Sutton Place is 4/5. But the amenities match previous reports of The Sutton Place. So this is my best guess.

Please use the site's HOTWIRE link to start your purchase, and let us know how it goes or if you need any additional help with your stay.


PS. Please follow-up this thread with whatever you end up doing, even if you chose to book direct, cancell your trip, etc.

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Still sorting out plans.... I would prefer the PanPacific- but obviously know there is no guarantee.......

9/26-9/27. I have been checking rates every once in awhile & the amenities have stayed the same since April-- except today-- golf is gone

Downtown Vancouver West Area

5*Fitness center, Pool, Restaurant, Business Center, High Speed, Spa Services 80% recommendation 4.5 TAdvisor 300+reviews- is this still Sutton probably? has PanPacific been coming up for any of the recent 5* purchases

4* same amenities-- it this the Sheraton

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Ok- sorry about the incorrect posts-- but the only thing from above on the dates I am looking for is the probable Sutton at 80% cust reviews I think. All the rest was from searching other dates & seeing what 5* options come up The 85% cust reviews were from May when the other poster won the Pan Pacific..... How often do the customer recommendations change/updated & how reliable are they?

thanks for the help......

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I believe HOTWIRE does not consistently use the same "percent recommended" numbers for each offering of the same hotel... so i would use this information as a small contributing factor, but not as a major factor, when trying to ID a given property.

Please use the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on the board to begin your travel purchases.

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Not sure if I post this here or start a new thread.

HotWire 5* PanPacific Hotel Vancouver 9/26-9/27 $139/night 1 night. 2 rooms. :)

Amenities: Fitness Center, Pool, Restaurant, Business Center, High Speed Internet, Spa Services

Recommended in 95% of customer reviews 4.5 Trip Advisor

I ended up having to purchase it thru another link due to a certificate/coupon I had but will book next time thru the betterbidding link

Initally my search turned up w/ likely the Sutton-- with 85% customer satisfaction reviews, but once I added a kid to the reservation turned over to the Pan Pacific w/ 95%. YIPPEE! was hoping it wasn't going to be LaGrande Residence (since they last I saw had the same % customer review as the Pan Pacific-- although once the ratings went from 80% for the Sutton to 85 % last month & the Pan Pacific went from 85% to 95%, I havent seen La Grande Residence come up w/ the suite icons & no one has posted a win that I can recall recently.

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