Alladin becomes(ing) Planet Hollywood?

By pjkdog,

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So, I have read that the Alladin is being transformed to a Planet Hollywood as per the takeover by PH (what will become of their eatery at Ceasars?) Since this is supposed to be taking shape soon, I assume there will be work being done on the hotel, and I hear the Passage Mall is being redone too (but by other new owners, not PH) So if your planning on booking here I would get an update on the remodeling projects first (like if the pool is open ect). A personal note aside, I think this stinks because I was fan of the look of Alladin, and do not look forward to lots of displays of Terminator 2 leather jackets ect...

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one added note: im planning a trip to vegas for labor day weekend, upon calling the aladdin i was told that they have no idea when construction will begin, that they have not been given a schedule - and this is from my vip host, so i would imagine the regular reservationists will be of no help either...i guess it's hit or miss, and like someone said previously it's really a shame they're taking such a nice place and turning it into an overgrown crappy theme restaurant

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Check out the hotel reviews in tripadvisor.com. The renovations were difficult to withstand during parts of Jan. '06, but the hotel seems to have settled down now, though the check-in is difficult, signage is bad, and there is a walled off portion in the casino area. Some people complained of other problems though -- two separate comments about holes in their towels, also bad personnel, and not the cleanest conditions, etc. Read tripadvisor reviews!!!

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