Priceline Hotel: 3* Seattle (Airport SEA) Doubletree Hotel Seattle Airport

By srl4j,

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The first bid that I made was accepted ($40/ night). I was actually hoping for the Red Lion because we're visiting family North at Seward Park and that would be closer but I hear there are good cookies at the Doubletree. Apologies in advance for not using the PRICELINE link. I only use Priceline about once a year and always seem to forget.


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Thanks for the post and sharing your results with the board.

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Enjoy your stay.

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I just wanted to voice my displeasure that I had to pay $16/ night for parking at this hotel, a surprise that did not go over well and really ate into the savings I thought I was getting with Priceline. That's especially frustrating because I chose the airport location precisely so I would not have to deal with the cost and frustration of parking downtown. Add to that the fact that I borrowed a car from the cousin I was visiting so that my Sister and I could get to our separate appointments quickly in the morning. That meant that we paid $32 in parking to stay in a $40/ night room. I'm trying not to be paranoid but I couldn't help but think that we were being charged parking on the first car because we had used Priceline. I don't do it often but I've never stayed at a hotel that wasn't downtown that charged for your first car. I'd understand paying for the second car and I've also paid to leave a car at an airport location longer than the length of my stay but never for the first car. It left a bad taste in my mouth.

That said, the hotel was not bad. They've done a decent job of renovating a very dated complex of buildings. There was a high-rise hotel along with 5 other low-rise (3-story) wings to the facility. We stayed in one of the wings so the primary hotel might be nicer. Unfortunately, I think they've overspent on flashy finishes compared to the "bones" of the building - new wallpaper and furniture with the same grungy ceiling tiles, granite countertops over plastic laminate cabinets. It's like they put three or four-star finishes in a two-star facility. Sorry, I'm an architect, and a disgruntled one at that (see above), so I really noticed these things. The lobby was beautiful, however.

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In metropolitan areas, charging for parking at an airprot hotel is more the norm than the exception.

This hotel charges all guests (not just PRICELINE and HOTWIRE customers) to park. From the Doubletree website:

Hotel Policies

Check-In: 3:00 PM - Check-Out: 12:00 PM


Self Parking:16.00 USD

Valet Parking:20.00 USD

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Don't hold it against the hotel. Almost (maybe even all) the airport hotels charge for parking.

The Doubletree charges, Holiday Inn charges, Red Lion charges etc.

Why? I don't know. Property around the airport really isn't all that expensive.

The Seattle hotel guy.... Stayed in 14 hotels downtown and counting!

Favorite Hotel Downtown: The Camlin Seattle (It's now a timeshare)

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They do all charge for parking around there, regardless of whether you book thru PRICELINE or HOTWIRE.

What we have been doing when we fly out of Seattle is checking these boards to see what people are getting and for what price, and then checking the hotel website(s) and then calling the hotels to check on parking.

Often we have found (depending on how long before we return to Seattle) that the park & fly rate through the hotel itself more than makes up for the difference between the hotel rate and the PRICELINE or HOTWIRE rate. I particularly recommend the Red Lion (associated with MasterPark) and the Doubletree for their park & fly deals.

Of course, if you're only there for the night, the park & fly rates will not likely be cheaper.

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Your posts made me a little bit uncertain whether the Radisson charges for parking or not. Until now, I believed not, judging on their website. However, my English is not perfect and now I'm not sure, what this exactly means:

Free parking for guests (fee for park and stay guests)

Does it mean that I have to pay for parking when I'm there just for one night? Can anybody help out?


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