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CA Palm Springs Hyatt Suites

By LoneStar,

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Well, for $65, this place is a steal. Even though it's in downtown Palm Springs (which I personally think is a plus), it's great for kids because you get the full living room with fold out couch plus a separate bedroom. Nice pool area (not up to Palm Springs "resort" hotel standards, but darn nice), and if you can get a room in the back, spectacular views of the mountains and adjacent golf course. While I might suggest that couples try a Palm Springs/Palm Dessert "resort" bid first, families might actually do better bidding on this property first (it seems to be the only 4-star hotel in the Palm Springs zone, so you'll have some degree of confidence in what you're getting, although I guess they could upgrade you to a resort).

Another plus with kids is the remarkably reasonable -- make that cheap -- kids menu at the hotel. Children's breakfasts, lunches and dinners are in the $2.00 to $3.50 range (with adult prices fair for an "upscale" establishment). Even if you don't ordinarily eat at hotel restaurants -- and there are many other choices right outside the hotel's front door) -- it's a good, easy option with the family (and the atrium setting is pleasant). Just hope they don't "update" the kids prices before your visit!

I recall staying at this property a few years ago on priceline and having to pay a resort fee, but nobody asked me for one this time. Parking used to be free, but now they charge 5 bucks a day in the underground garage. I think you could park for free about 2 blocks from the hotel, but I agreed to pay the fee (hey -- it seemed cheap, with even suburban LA properties trying to hit me up for 10 bucks). In the end, it never made it on to my bill.

One strange note: I called several hours before arriving at the hotel to ask for a non-smoking room with 2 double beds (3 if you count the fold out couch) in the back by the mountains. The front desk clerk said no problem with the non-smoking part or the bedding, but that a room in the back was considered an upgrade and would cost $20. I declined the upgrade, and thought I was set. But when I arrived at the hotel, they were happy to give me a non-smoking room in the back (without additional charge), but they didn't have any 2-double bed rooms left. And they had no notation of my phone call! Oh well, we had enough bedding and the view was nice. Just be careful to get a name if you call with any special requests.

FWIW, I understand that the long closed shopping center adjoining the hotel will soon be developed as shops and apartments, so there could be some construction going on. Hopefully, the hotel will stay as pleasant as it was during my visit.

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