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By hbunny,

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On May 1st, I purchased 2 rooms for 2 nights at the 3* Crowne Plaza Resort in Anaheim-Garden Grove for $49/night per room. I thought that was a great deal considering it was 2 weeks away from my May 16th check-in.

However, on May 4th I did the same search on Hotwire just because I was curious to see what rate it would offer - and Hotwire offered $40/night. Including tax, that's a difference of about $15/night.

I was so dismayed that I stayed away for the rest of the week, but I gave in and did the same search today (May 12th). Seems that Hotwire is now offering $62/night. I'm not so dismayed anymore.

I do realize that I am assuming that the $40/night and $62/night offers are for the Crowne Plaza. The area and amenities are the same, but I suppose there's always a chance that it could be a different hotel.

So my question is, how far in advance should you purchase on Hotwire? For me, purchasing 15 days in ahead gave me a higher rate than if I waited 3 more days. Is there even a way to answer this question? Is this the correct question to be asking?

Thanks in advance.

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We have seen prices jump back and forth with Hotwire even intraday, as well as see hotels available at in the morning and then an afternoon search yields entirely different hotels.

My guess is that the hotels are adjusting their prices based upon the supply/demand relationship and therefore Hotwire is adjusting their prices as well, but other possibilities include: the hotels are indeed different, Hotwire raise/lower prices depending upon their own sales for the day, randomness , etc.

So i don't think there is any 'rule' to guarantee the lowest price, just as there is no way to insure that when you book thru conventional methods that the price won't go up/down afterwards.

I think the bottom line is to do some homework and know prices in the area for your dates so you know what a good deal is (which i think $40 or $49, in this example, both qualify). When you see a good deal, take it!

Although listed in the Priceline section, here is a little more info on the same subject: Should I Bid Early or Late to Arrival Date

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To the thesqueegeekid - No, I did not try a similar bid on Priceline.com. Maybe I should have... but I'm happy with my deal.

Thanks thereuare!

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