Priceline Hotel: 3* DC (Alexandria - Mt. Vernon) Radisson Old Town

By Keoni,

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Need 2 rooms for March 23 - 27 2005 for folks from out of town.

Walking distance to Metro or Shuttle if availble. They specifically

mentioned a "Red Roof Inn" near Huntington Metro because they

are familiar with RRI's and saw this one on a previous visit. I

know we can do better on BB. Any suggtions for a bidding strategy

from Travelguy, or others, that might fit the info above?

Regards, Keoni :)

It's a shame that neither the Hilton Garden Inn nor the Courtyard came up when you dropped down to 2.5* at $55 given their low rates for that weekend. I wouldn't have advised bidding 3* in Arlington (or 2.5* beyond $43) because that's substantially less predictable, none of the 3*'s there have free parking, and there are usually more attractive options in other zones.
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Hi, Keoni,

I was going to bid this area for a 2 1/2 week stay in Feb., but recently decided I needed to be outside the beltway. From my phone calls, I know four 3-stars and two 2.5-stars do charge for parking. Only the Hilton Garden Inn had free parking. The weekday charges ranged from $7 at the Courtyard to $16 at Sheraton Nat'l. They all, I believe, had shuttle service ranging from "on demand" to every half-hour from 7am until 11pm. I originally thought the 2.5 stars would be the best bet because I thought the free breakfast would make up for the only slight difference in price. Little did I know, the Courtyard charges 8.95, and the HGI $7.95 for continental bfast, and cold items at that. Hope this helps a little!

Oh, yeah, this regards Arlington area only...

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I will have to do a sales job to get them anything other than the

Red Roof Inn they spied on a previous trip so I am on shaky ground

just looking around Arlington/Alexandria. I am sure DC is out of the

question. Desirabilty is ranked as follows:

1. Short Walk to the Metro (or shuttle service)

2. Large or Suite type room w/small fridge, coffee pot, microwave

3. Free parking

4. Free Breakfast

Thanks for the help.

Keoni :)

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By staying at the Red Roof Inn they're unfortunately only going to get one thing on their wish, which is #3.

Perhaps they would consider the Econolodge Arlington, where for just a few dollars more they could get within walking distance of a Metro as well as a free continental breakfast, in addition to free parking.

The main benefit of Priceline as I see it would be to get a higher quality room for somewhat less than the RRI. If they would be into that, I think their best bet would be to bid either 2.5* and/or 3* in the Arlington zone - or even 2* actually. There's a chance however that they could get the Sheraton National, which probably wouldn't be that bad, but wouldn't be ideal, as it wouldn't be within walking distance of a Metro, although they have a shuttle. All the other hotels that have come in that zone would be within walking distance of a Metro.

The Old Town/Alexandria zone would be nice to stay in, as that area has a good deal of historical charm and character, although it's farther out than Arlington. I believe all the 3*'s in that zone would be a maximum 10-15 minutes walk from a Metro, and would be substantially nicer than the Red Roof. The 2.5*'s in that zone are good as well.

Another option would be the Crystal City zone. This is kind of a dull area IMO, but it does offer convenience, relatively inexpensive and high quality hotels, and is where Fashion Centre Mall is located, probably the best mall in the DC Metro area.

I think they should be able to get something in one of the above 3 zones on Priceline for somewhere in the $40-50 range.

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Travelguy and Homeschoolmom,

Thanks for taking the time to provide some ideas and I am ready to

start trying for the rooms.

By staying at the Red Roof Inn they're unfortunately only going to get one thing on their wish, which is #3.

Actually, the only thing my visitors said was they like Red Roof Inn's and identified the one near the Metro station would be good because they are

comfortable riding the Metro. I made up the "wish" list thinking that to convince them to stay some where else I would need some selling points,

for example: The Sheraton Suites in old town could be had for $45.00 and with parking of $16.00 per day (divided by 2 rooms so add $8 per room)

for a subtotal of $53, plus priceline fees and tax, the much nicer, closer, and larger suite at the Sheraton still comes in cheaper than the Red Roof Inn. Of course neither has free breakfast so that is a wash. Very short walk (1/2) block to one block or so would be a plus over shuttle or driving their car to the metro and having to pay to park. Don't know if the RRI has shuttle but the Sheraton does so although the hotel is not close enough to walk to metro, they could get "chauffered" so that is a good thing.

Anyway, thanks for all the great advice and I will post back with the strategy and win info when it happens.

Regards to all, Keoni :)

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  • 2 months later...

Still trying...

3/15/2005 Bid for 2 rooms as follows:

3 *

Alexandria/Mt. Vernon $45 rejected, added

Springfield (free rebid) $51 rejected, added

Crystal City $52 rejected, added

Arlington $55 rejected, closed browser

reopened browser,

2.5 *

Bid Alexandria/Mr. Vernon @ $60, rejected

Will wait 72 hours. Any advice as $60 is probably the limit...

Thanks and regards, Keoni :)

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:) Thanks Theruare!

Here is a new hotel to report...

Radisson Old Town

901 N. Fairfax Street

Alexandria, Va. 22314

Removed the first night as you suggested and hit on my first try...

3* Alexandria - Mt. Vernon 3/24 - 3 - 27

Congrats! Your bid of $45 dollars per night for a 3 Star was accepted!

$45.00 per night x 2 Rooms x 3 nights = $270.00 + 47.26 fees = $317.26

Please note in checking with the hotel they have shuttle service to

the King Street Metro and Reagan National Airport Metro, your choice.

Also, they charge $10.00 for open air parking but there is available

on street free parking. A micro fridge and microwave oven are available

for the room for an extra $10.00 for each item.

I tried to add on an extra night on the troublesome date of 3/23 but was


If I score someplace else for the 23rd I will start a new thread.

As always, used the Barn...

Regards, Keoni :)

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Thanks for the new hotel and for bidding thru Savingsbarn.com

Glad to see dropping the first nite paid off for you. Even if they have to spend the first nite at the Red Roof Inn at least they'll be upgrading thereafter.... and saving some money!

Good Luck on the remaining nite, prices look expensive!

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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