Priceline Hotel: Question - NYC for New Years

By gaheine,

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Thanks for posting our affiliate link above :)

The problem with ECT's 'on request' is that during busy times they're rarely available, and if they are, a ridiculous rate is returned. I'd be quite surprised if the above rate is actually available thru them (and quietly just wish they didn't show 'on request' selections in the first place... in fact i always click the 'only show available hotels' at their site so that i don't waste my time with a property that isn't likely to be available at the posted rate).

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The Paramount is available for $179/nite this nite by clicking HERE (if the link doesn't work let me know). I know this property was recently adding this this company's inventory and i assume that is the only reason why this hotel is available at this rate. REVIEWS are mixed (more recently on the upswing, but still mixed none-the-less), but i don't expect this property to last long (imo).

As far as the difference between a 2.5* and a 3* i would suggest checking the PRICELINE HOTEL LIST for New York. Some 2* may be ok with some people while some 4* don't meet the standards of others... best bet is to see the names yourself and determine your own opinion (there are also links next to most of them to read reviews).

I don't believe you're going to be able to be very choosy on for this nite as many hotels probaby have not given Priceline any inventory at all... i'd imagine many expect to sell-out on their own and therefore there is little reason to give discounted inventory to a 3rd party.

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I don't know if you're still looking, but the Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge is available for New Year's Eve through easyclicktravel.com for $149. Although not in Manhattan where you prefer to be, this is still an excellent location and this hotel has gotten very good reviews. Looks to me like the very best deal going for New Year's Eve in the NYC area right now. One might also try a 3* bid on Priceline at a lower amount for the Brooklyn Heights zone, where this Marriott is located.

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Sorry it took so long to add this post and don't know if this will help anyone now but on 12/14 I saw the 12/13 post about the Paramount. I clicked on the link and was directed to EasyClick. I was interested in the nights 12/31/04 and 1/1/05. Was given several price choices (I chose the cheapest at $160 per night) and told I would receive an email if my bid was accepted. The next day I did receive an email stating my bid was accepted. Ended up with the two requested nights at the Paramount for $160 per night. Checked the Paramount site directly at the same time and it said there was no availability for those nights. Had been trying Priceline (all the Midtown areas) at $150 per night for about two weeks prior to this and was consistently rejected (Priceline was stating the going rate was $300 plus for those nights). Have used Priceline quite a bit but if EasyClick gives price choices up front instead of making us guess at bids, it may become my new favorite. Happy New Year's everyone and thanks BetterBidding!

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