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  1. Got this on first bid of $80 (Boo! Maybe should have tried lower!) But had tried before at this price with failure so started there. Final price with taxes and fees was $$99.00. Very happy with this price. Think this hotel was also the "Priceline Express" deal which was listed at $83 (but went up to $116 after 40% (!) taxes and fees). Marriott's website final listed price for this hotel was $244. Cheapest 3* thing closest to this price was a Holiday Inn at final price of $128. Anyway, happy with this hotel and price. Need another room on 12/17 for this same area but tried the three re-bids up to $80 but was denied. Will try again another day. Started my bid from your site! Thank you!
  2. Amenties: Parking, Pets, Internet When searching Express Deals, this choice didn't show at first. Picked another 4* - guest rating 8+ (for $125) in Rocky Point (which I believe was the Westin which I didn't want). I then hit "back" button and then there was the same page but with a little box to choose another hotel with a bit higher price ($143). But this one also had a better guest score (9) and free parking which led me to believe it may be the Grand Hyatt. So went for it, also using the 5% off Priceline Express Coupon and was very happy as I actually did get the Grand Hyatt. Total cost ended up being $502. FYI I had been watching this pricing for a few was this price several weeks ago then last weekend went up so when it went back down again I just decided to go for it. Did use Better Bidding to initiate all of the above. Thanks!
  3. This hotel came up as a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal. It said four star "Downtown Phoenix Area Hotel". The amenities were: indoor/outdoor pool, restaurant, free internet, fitness center, business center. It was listed as $144 but when I chose it, it went down to $133. I figured I might as well do this and get it over with rather than bid so I reserved it and it turned out to be the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel. The total price for the two nights was $316. Additionally, self-parking there is $19/night. Caution however, because even though Priceline offered "Free Internet" on each of the three pages I clicked on it was only after I paid and got my confirmation that it said "Free Internet (in Public Areas)". I was pretty upset because Priceline did not present this "free internet" limitation until AFTER i paid and we all know you can't cancel a Priceline reservation. I did try but Priceline's call center is completely useless and unhelpful, even though I felt I was totally misled. I told them they might as well say "Free Parking" also and then, after you pay, put the caveat "Free Parking - if you can find it on the street". Anyway, internet in your room is $14.95 per night. After I booked this, I saw the Sheraton was running their own "Upper Deck" spring training special of $179 a night which included parking and internet. Personally, if you were going to use the parking and internet, I'd recommend going directly through the hotel rather than buying it from Priceline and encouraging their deceptive ways. Sorry for the Priceline rant - this really is the first time I've seen them be so sneaky and I am going to follow up with my opinions with a letter to Priceline (the only way to escalate a complaint, I'm told). To end on a happier note, I did initiate this reservation from the [url=]PRICELINE[/url] link on the Better Bidding page. Thanks!
  4. Tried bids yesterday over $30; rejected. First try today at $25 for a mid-size accepted (made me wish I had started lower!). But this is MUCH lower than anything found via any other site. 25 X 4 days = 100.00 Taxes/Fees = 52.10 Total = 152.10 Had reservation for a standard size car for $243 so this saved me close to $100! Started bid via BetterBidding [url=]PRICELINE[/url] link - thanks BetterBidding!
  5. Sorry - I accidentally repeated "thereuare"'s reply - the moderator can delete the duplicate and this sentence if you come upon it? Thx! Just wanted to follow-up on our stay at the Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Beach Hotel. We had a very nice (and bug-free!) time. The room, while probably really a 3-star was very nice and clean. I think, though, that the location of this hotel and the staff are what make it a 4-star. At check-in, we were told we were upgraded (everyone seems to tell us that lately so I am a little skeptical). At first we were assigned to a 3rd floor room in the Marina building but I asked for a higher floor (since I had read the lower floors views are blocked by trees). So they did change it and put us in a higher floor room with a very nice view of the ocean. Even though we did have a bit of a convoluted walk to the beach, since we had driven our own truck we just left our beach stuff (chairs, boogie-boards, etc) in the truck and picked it up and dropped it off in our truck on our way back and forth to the beach. The elevator from the room took you right to the parking level. Then you did have to cross the street and walk through the beach building to get to the beach but we didn't think it was that bad. If we had had little ones with us, it may have been a bit more of an issue. But, really, the beach was right there and it was nice to have it so close. The parking lot, even though it was $20 per day, was fine. It had in-and-out privileges, with someone at the kiosk at all hours, as far as we could tell. If you left the hotel in your car and went down the street to park, there were generally parking fees involved so better to leave the car at the hotel and walk to your destination, if it wasn't too far. Almost every one of the staff was awesome also - couldn't be nicer and more willing to help. There was the issue someone else mentioned at the front desk - they do not want you to take the luggage cart yourself but rather that you use their bell-hop. I saw another guest take the cart so I thought it was ok but when I did the girl from behind the registration desk literally came running after me to stop using the cart. Guess she didn't see the other guy also do it. Aside from her though, everyone else who worked there was super. The Mexican restaurant inside might not be to everyone's taste as it is not all "traditional" Mexican food but the Happy Hour Margaritas are not to be missed! Initially I was a little concerned about getting this hotel but would welcome winning this hotel in the future.
  6. Started bidding on 4-stars low at $60 since I had re-bid zones. When I got to $65, Priceline offered room at $85 which I declined. Got win at $75 per night (total of $261 for 3 nights). Happy with the price (currently about $136 per night at the hotel's site); not too happy with several mention of bugs in the room in reviews, but will deal with that if/when it happens. Think there is about a $20 charge per night to park also. Used Betterbidding PRICELINE link to start bid.
  7. I have been bidding for this for quite some time but noticed most people who won this zone won fairly close to the date they were staying, which is the case for me as well. Bid $56 because that seems to be the going rate; got it on first try. Right now the cheapest I see for this property for this night is $139. Used the PRICELINE link from Betterbidding site. Thanks!
  8. King Superior Suite at the Conrad Downtown. This showed up on Travelocity as a "Grand Opening" special. These rooms go for over $350 per night on their website. Should have picked the riverview suite at a little more but was so shocked at this price that I jumped on the superior suite; may try to call and change it.... But overall, got three nights for about the same price as one; couldn't be happier!
  9. Whoops, found some other arrangements so won't be needing this advice this time....thanks anyway...
  10. Hi... I'm looking to stay in NYC May 24-27; Memorial Day weekend. I've been bidding for 4* for a couple weeks on Priceline, with re-bid zones, in the Midtown/Times Square areas plus SoHo for up to about $180 with no luck. Do you think my price point is realistic or would I need to go higher for the holiday weekend? Also, I've stayed in the more touristy areas often and so this time I am considering the Financial district. Wondering what thoughts are on that? I realize it's much quieter at night but am thinking of hanging more in SoHo, Greenwich, Tribeca areas this time; maybe staying here might not be so bad? Also plan on visiting the WTC memorial and also like to take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, which are close to downtown.... Thanks so much for your board and thank you in advance for your advice!
  11. LaQuinta on East Dupont Rd. Cost $71 after taxes, fees. Amenities listed: Breakfast, pool, business, lanudry, internet. BetterBidding may want to add this to the Hotwire hotel list? Will put this into the "sometimes you win, sometimes you lose" category. This hotel listed elsewhere as 2-2.5*; Hotwire lists it as 3*. All I really saved was taxes as could have booked $71 rate on line as AAA member. Attempted quite a few Priceline bids up to $50 with no luck before taking this. Not all horrible reviews for the hotel; will keep an open mind and post my review of the hotel after my stay.
  12. First bid $75; rejected and Priceline said they'd let me try the same request right away if I would add $12. I didn't accept that and tried again at $80 and got the room. Total of around $99 with fees, etc. Parking is high at this hotel; plan on parking at the Municipal lot even tho it does not have "in-and-out" (have parked there before). Thanks to a previous poster who gave great directions to the lot.
  13. First bid $45 accepted. Used PRICELINE link from here. Going rate through hotel website is $101 so happy to get 1/2 price.
  14. Well I WAS able to use $10 of the $30 bonus cash (which was all I was allowed to use on a bid). I was only bidding for one night. I thought I would still have $20 remaining to use on other bids but after the one bid, the rest of the bonus cash disappeared from my account. I have emailed them to get an explanation; perhaps there was some other random rule to this that I did not see but it is now gone. Even though I got $10, I was promised $30 and think this "bonus" money is very shady treatment of customers by Priceline. I went thru this site for my win and will post it under the location for which I bid.