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Hotwire rates this as a 3*, but I'd say that it's a lesser hotel than the HW/PL 2.5* Les Suites hotel in the same zone.

It's a couple of old apartment buildings that have been converted into a "suite" hotel, located off Elgin Street south of City Hall - about 10 minute walk to the Parliament buildings.

Check-in was smooth, but they did mention it was a "pre-paid". Lobby was very impressive, however it appears that they are renovating on floor at a time, so your stay can be in a wide range of rooms.

I was given a 5th floor room (approx. 500 sq.ft) that appeared to be in the progress of renovation. The bathroom was top-of-the-line, but the rest of the room was in disrepair with patches on the walls like they were getting ready to paint. Layout was standard "suite hotel" - 1 Queen Bed, with separate living room and kitchen - doors on the kitchen cupboards were loose.

Best thing about the place was the free wireless High-Speed internet, and decent room servcie from the Italian place in the lobby.

I don't think I'd stay here again until I was sure that all the rooms had been renovated.


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Hotel has now changed hands (and brands) - it's an Extended Stay Deluxe...

My December 2005 review is a little better than my review from a year ago - as the room I was given appeared to have been renovated and repainted recently. With that said, I'd still rate it more as a 2.5* hotel for PL purposes rather than a 3* - but I think the restaurant/room service is what PL uses to give it the higher rating.

Queen Bed was a little hard and the bedding/pillows weren't as good as you get at other 3* hotels (eg. Sheraton or Crowne Plaza), but it was an OK stay - and I'll be happy to stay again a number of times over the next month or so.

Wireless internet is $4.99 (CDN) and parking is $12.65 per night.

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I'd agree with your rating of this hotel as a 2.5. For the current Priceline price of $38 though, really can't complain too much. We were placed in a one bedroom suite even though the priceline bid said it would be a studio suite. The sofa bed was not in any condition to sleep on though, even for our children.

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I have sent an e-mail to PriceLine to suggest they re-rate the star level of this property, based on the fact that they don't offer daily housekeeping without a surcharge - something that is required for a 3*....

I will post details here when I get a PL response.

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Overall, we were pretty pleased with this hotel - very large suite with full size fridge/stove/microwave plus toaster, coffermaker, plates, utensils, etc, etc, etc.

Downsides? As mentioned earlier, the high price for overnight parking. Also we were a little disappointed to have only one TV (in the living room) - a second one in the bedroom would not have been unusual, right?

But, for $37 plus fees, what a deal!

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Downgraded to 2*

Just got an email from PL confirming that this property has been Downgraded to 2* because they don't have daily housekeeping.

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