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By jbelle7435,

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Any recommendations on a buffet where you get the most bag for your buck. My friend told me that Paris has a good one but searching the internet told me otherwise(Rio international, planet hollywood, etc.) Maybe someone who has been to couple before could help me find the right one.

I would perfer the type of buffet to be dinner or late lunch before I leave to LA on a full stomach and I don't mind driving somewhat out of the way. 15-20 min w/0 traffic

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Any decision or follow-up for your Los Angeles Hotel stay? What about for your rental car?

Please follow-up your previous threads with whatever you have decided to do for each aspect of your trip.

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One of the best buffets under $10 has gotta be the $7.77 at The Plaza at Main and Fremont Streets. I usually gorge there before and after a week in the backcountry. I'm not sure if it is open 24 hours, but they definitely have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Park for free in the garage next door. You may need to get your parking pass validated at a casino window. This takes two minutes.

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Just came back from LV and made a trip out to the new M Resort to check out the property. We ate at the Studio B buffet while there, and have to say it was a lot of fun, and we thought it was a great deal, too.

Cost was $22.95 per person for the buffet, and, unlike most LV buffets, the price includes all you can drink wine, beer and hard cider. The facility itself was beautiful, and the selection was terrific - Italian, Middle Eastern, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Japanese (the sushi was amazing quality - comparable to some I've had in Japan), and an entire section of rotisserie chicken, prime rib, and pork medallions. There was also a separate dessert buffet area.

Was the food five-star restaurant quality? Eh, not really. But, for me, it was good enough - besides, a buffet is really about the scope/scale and fun factor. Or it is for us, anyway. Having said that, we had a great time, thought the buffet was definitely better than most in Vegas, especially for the money - and enjoyed the chance to check out the M.

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I am probably BEST at replying to this thread seeing as how I am a LV resident and a buffet aficionado (whatever that means :))

As stated, The Studio B Buffet is IMO the BEST buffet in Vegas. It's located on the far southern side of the strip. It's on the corner of Las Vegas Blvd. and St. Rose Pkwy, and it's the next casino PAST South Pointe.

One of the MAJOR factors in Vegas regarding buffets is time vs money. Usually if you show up BEFORE 4 PM a buffet will cost approx. $8. However, they might not have all the items available at these times whereas they WOULD during the dinner hour. You cold do the smart thing like I do and show up around 3:30-3:45, that way you get the lunch price and shortly after you get there they start bringing out dinner items. Also, this is a STRONG warning, you might want to show up at The M Resort anytime BEFORE 5 PM, because the line there gets EXTREMELY long and you WILL be waiting in line for an HOUR or more! As a matter of fact, the line gets so bad after 5 PM that they have started giving out beepers to signal you when a tables ready so you won't have to wait in line.

The food there to me is 5 star quality and at night they have INCREDIBLE amounts of seafood including pie-A-ya, sushi, huge shrimp for cocktail, clam strips, GREAT salmon and halibut.

Other buffets to check out include Green Valley Resort, Sunset Station Casino, South Pointe has seafood on the weekends. South Pointe (although expensive on seafood nights) is a great place to go in general as there is almost NEVER a line and the food is decent. Green Valley and Sunset Station will have big lines starting around 5 PM.

Generally, any Station casino will have a DECENT buffet, not great just decent.

Also, although I've never been, The Rio supposedly has one of the best buffets in Vegas.

Also, there are a chain scattered around Vegas called "Buffet Asia", their food is a gamble at times, it's either good or bad, but it's all you can eat Asian and Seafood for $8/day $12/night.

Honestly, the BEST buffets and restaraunts are mostly located on the Southside in the posher areas (where I live) in Green Valley / Southern Highlands. Kepp in mind I'm a local and I've eaten in all 4 corners of this valley.

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Please feel free to add or update anything. These are the buffets that you eat three times a day at.

As of late summer '09 prices were:

Luxor Hotel Las Vegas-$29.99

MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas-$29.99 (Monday-Thursday)

Excalibur Hotel Las Vegas-$29

Palace Station Hotel-$19.95

Stratosphere Hotel-$19.99 (Sunday-Thursday)

Tropicana $24/Day

Orleans $21/Day

Mandalay Bay-$38/Day (Mon-Sat) Sunday $43/day

These buffets include an all-you-can-eat Breakfast, all-you-can-eat Lunch, and all-you-can-eat Dinner in the same Las Vegas hotel.

Most people complain about very long lines both to get a table and at the stations. Peak times are obviously going to be worse...Also you are expected to tip your server. Generally lunch and dinner are the same kind of food and some places have been known to change the name of dishes even though it the same recipe. A lot of people report the food is the same even on different days.

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Buffets in Vegas depend on your food tastes and dining preferences. With Vegas' incredible dining variety, I strongly recommend against those "buffet rates" where you get buffets at the same hotelfor the duration of your stay. There are simply too many good deals out there and too much variety as well -- plus you may not by hungry for a meal that you paid for already (often i'll grab light breakfast food, then maybe a moderate lunch ie pizza/salad, and then dine at a high-end dinner buffet when it opens at 4 pm).

Typically I lean toward seafood. said, the Rio Seafood buffet (nearly $40 now with slip ,obster tails that can be really delicious or badly cooked/soggy), is good for a one-time thing if you've never partaked. The poor-man's version is the Fremont (downtown) Hotel/casino seafood buffet on Fri-Sun-Tues (last time I checked it was $16ish) -- not the classiest atmosphere or expansive buffet, but good quality food/variety for the $$$.

Anither great seafood dinner option is Planet Hollywood's buffet -- about $25 and often cheaper (ie $5 coupon if you sign up for players club) featuring really high-quality food, white tablecloths and servers in a casual atmosphere (you dont have to get dressed up but it has a restaurant vs buffet feel for it). Seafood includes seafood neuberg, king crab and other delicasies -- with other cusine-themed (MidEast is awesome) stations so that there's something for everyone.

Harrahs/Flamingo are often get-able for a $5 discount ($8-9ish for lunch and $12-13ish for dinner) via coupons that are often hnaded out in the courtyard between the Imperial Palace and Harrahs. If you're a guest at a Harrahs-branded hotel (those hotels plus Rio, Caesars, Ballys, Paris), you will probably receive these coupons in a coupon book at checkin.

Speaking of Rio, its Carnival World Buffet is expansive gigantic -- and highly recommended for a late lunch as the price is a good $8 cheaper than dinner with pretty much the same food/offerings. Everything from snow crab legs and seafood to italian, teaks, pasta, mexican et al -- just walking the length of the buffet will work off 1000 calories lol. Again coupons can be had for $5 discount via Harrahs guests and often in local tourism magazines.

Finally for a basic buffet, The Orleans is very reasonable and the food is decent (but not upper echelon quality). Especially for breakfast ($7 or less if I recall) it's the best quality value in town, with an expansive buffet and an omelette station. Lunch is along those lines too. Sometimes if you attend an event at the Orleans Arena, they'll give you BOGO coupons.

In a special mention for a non-buffet, the Hard Rock Casino's Mr Luckys Cafe $7.77 steak and shrimp (with potato and salad) is a helluva deal offered 24/7 (the trick is you just have to ask for it -- the special is not on the menu as it originally began as a "locals' special").

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For breakfast....nothing beats the Bellagio. In fact, all their buffets rock the house...but the breakfast really stood out!

For seafood....the Rio rocks the house.

Paris is pretty nice as well.

Tried a few others (Mirage, Mandalay, Luxor, MGM....) and none were particular memorable for the price.

My wife and I are pretty much "buffet'd out" from our trips. When you are paying $30 a person plus tip, there are SO MANY really good restaurants that you can eat at for that price (or less). Granted, we like quality over quantity...hehe, which is probably why the Rio and Bellagio are the only buffets we would probably go to.

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