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By trav'vler83,

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I am planning a trip to New Orleans for early April 2005. I want a 4 star hotel in the convention center district. I really don't want to expand my area b/c I want to increase my chance of getting Hilton Riverside. What would you all suggest I bid this far in advance. How likely or unlikely would it be for a hotel to accept like a $61.00 bid this early in advance.



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When bidding for 4* you have five re-bid zones avialable. If you're not familiar with re-bidding please read RE-BIDDING EXPLAINED and ask any questions you may have. You can also feel free to confirm your re-bid zones with the board to avoid any mistakes.

With time on your side i would bid as follows:

Select 4* Convention Center:

Bid $45, if rejected add re-bid zone and...

Bid $50, if rejected add re-bid zone and...

Bid $55, if rejected add re-bid zone and...

Bid $60, if rejected add re-bid zone and...

Bid $65, if rejected add re-bid zone and...

Bid $70.

The above figures may be too low, but with plenty of time on your hands this is how i would bid until mid-January. I wouldn't bid this every 72 hours either as you're likely to drive yourself crazy if you do... try it every 2 weeks or so.

Any questions feel free to ask any keep us updated as to your progress.

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