Hotwire Hotel: Virginia Beach 3* 8-9 thru 8-12

By bypp,

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Hello all,

I'm interested in booking a stay at Virginia Beach, preferably oceanfront sometime in August for two or three nights (preferably 3 nights anytime really between Aug 9 and Aug 27). I would like to find something 3* or above, but to find an oceanfront hotel that is 3* and up isnt too easy. Only one I found was available, for $134 per night (8-9 thru 8-12), and I am thinking it is the Holiday Inn. However, I really do not know and am a pure rookie at trying to match this hotel up by amentities and area. Any information would be helpful. Thank you!

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This would be a match for the HI.

This would be a good deal for the HI, but if you are not picky about which 3* in the Oceanfront area you stay at, The Wyndham Oceanfront is $143.10 on Orbitz, and the coupon code deal0hotel takes another 10% off that. Additionally, the Best Western Oceanfront is $119 for a non-oceanfront room and $149 for an Oceanview. Again, deal0hotel takes 10% off per night.

Please use the site's HOTWIRE or Orbitz.com links to start your purchase.

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Well, the only problem would be that I am 20, not 21. Ive used hotwire a few times before and just lucked out with not running into a place that was minimum age 21 to check in. However, I think that the Holiday Inn is 21 to check-in. Although, Hotwire doesnt list Golf or Children's Activities for what I'm looking at, and it has in the past from what I read. So do you still think it could be the Holiday Inn?

Im not sure what the minimum age for the Wyndham is? Do you know of any other deals of 3* (or better) Hotels in VA Beach, oceanfront or somewhat close?

Thank you

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At the bottom of the guest rooms page on the Wyndham website for this hotel, it does say 18 (as does Hotels.com). Orbitz still has $143 - 10% using the deal0hotel code.

A hotel away from the beach would be less costly, but there's no way to ensure 100% which hotel is showing, even on HOTWIRE. If you need a hotel with under 21 check-in, your best bet would be to book conventionally.

Please use the site's Orbitz.com link if you do decide to persue the Wyndham deal.

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