Priceline Hotel: Help with Hotels during Convention 11/12 to 11/15


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Can you please help me with booking a room in Boston for about $125 per night? My husband will be attending a convention at the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center and Sheraton Boston Hotel between Friday, November 11 and Monday, November 15, so admittedly we are contributing to the problem of high prices this weekend. All rooms at the Sheraton are booked at the covention rates of $253 per night. In any case, we were hoping to use Priceline to secure a better deal nearby. He'd like to stay within walking distance or a few T stops away since he usually goes back and forth with up with binders and stuff throughout the day.

Here are my failed attempts at Priceline:

4* Copley and Back Bay - $80, 85, 90

4*, 3* Copley and Back Bay - $90, 95, 100

Hotwire also has a 3* in Boston Common for $135 and a 2* for $110 in Cambridge.

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance! JSO

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Welcome to BetterBidding!

It appears that you are searching a different zone on Hotwire than you bid on Priceline... what are the acceptable Priceline zones you are willing to bid? (it will be easier to put together a strategy for you).

I'll also add this in an outside chance it works for you...

In searching for your dates i came across the Tage Inn in Sommerville. I remembered a user winning it before on the board and it stood out because the REVIEWS were so good on it! I don't know how long of a ride it is on the T to the convention center, but the hotel does offer a shuttle to the T stop (if this is a possibility for you, call the hotel beforehand to find out if this runs on a schedule or if it's 'on demand'). If this happens to work, i think you may be able to get this hotel dirt cheap (compared to the rates your looking at).

Either let us know your thoughts about the Tage Inn or which priceline zones are acceptable and we'll advise from there.

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Thanks for the earlier advice. Perhaps the Courtyard would work for us as well. Would you mind sharing the price you are paying for a room? Priceline or Hotwire?

A 4* in the Copley, Back Bay area for under $125 would be ideal, but I could add Cambridge and Downtown Boston as new zones.

Any suggestions for a new strategy?

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Well, I haven't gotten it yet for my dates in January, but this is what I know:

It is the only 2.5* that has been reported in the Chesnut Hill/Brookline zone. I saw someone else got it for different dates for either $54 or $56.

I think it is the 3* that comes up in Hotwire in the Chestnut Hill zone. Courtyard's seem to be 3*, and the Courtyard says it is near tennis and it has a pool, and those icons show up in Hotwire.

I have bid up to $62 for my dates in Priceline, but no take yet. However, it only shows up in Priceline packages for a subset of my dates, so I am starting to think Priceline does not have it for all my dates, or at a higher rate for some nights. Hotwire ranges from $66-70 depending on its random generator, and I am trying to decide if I should do all the nights, or just one night and see if it is really the Courtyard. The regular rate at Courtyard for my dates is $129/149.

Hotwire is $82 for the 3* for your dates and the regular Courtyard rate is $179.

The problem with 2.5* is no free rebids, although I have been using the Back Bay zone, as that would be an ok location as well, and tends to run more expensive anyway.

I think the 3* Boston Common is the Park Plaza. That has some mixed reviews I think.


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