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Priceline Hotel: Suggestion on where to stay

By Rimo,

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It has been a number fo years since I've been in SFO. My wife and 16 year old son (his first time) are going the week of 7/25 - 8/1 or 2. We will likely not be there for the whole time as we may fly in to San Jose and take a spin around Monterry, look for a vacancy sign to stay there for a night before we head to the city. We will be in the area I presume for at least 4 days and wondered if ya'll would suggest we try to stay downtown or somewhere further like say Sausalito or a quaint location away from the heart of the city. Last year when we went to Seattle you advised us to stay downtown when I was looking at cheaper hotels in Bellevue... and boy did you get it right. We had a great time thanks to your advice. I would feel comfortable staying within around $150 per night. Hope to throw Napa in as well as a day trip, Alcatraz, Lombard, and what ever else we research. Have not booked airfare yet so trying to firm things up. Given what we intend to do we will have a car. My wife needs a scooter for long walks so its not always easy to transport. I appreciate your time and guidance

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It really depends upon your plans for this stay, but given your wife and son have never been to the city, it seems as if most of your time will be spent exploring the area, so i'd want to stay in the 'main' areas: USE, Emarcardero, USW-Nob Hill, or even 'touristy' Fisherman's Wharf... but i'm a city person and like being able to walk out the hotel door and have a convenience store within a block to get just about anything i might want/need. However, you'll have to weigh this convenience vs. your budget, as parking in San Francisco can be exhorbitant.

Others here are more familiar and local to the area than i am so i'd encourage them to add their own thoughts.

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With your $150 budget you'll have lots of options, Rimo, almost anywhere you choose to stay.

If you decide to spend a few nights in downtown SF you might consider booking those nights conventionally though, rather than using PRICELINE or HOTWIRE, mostly because of your wife's scooter.

Some hotel rooms in SF aren't large enough for even a small scooter. And there are older hotels with small elevators where a scooter might not fit.

There are hotels, even 4* hotels, with no offstreet loading zones. The loading zone could be just one or two spaces on the street in front of the hotel and if a cab or limo is already there you'll have to double park, blocking traffic, while you unload the scooter.

With the potential issues it might be good if you can choose your exact hotel, so you'll know you have a workable parking situation and room configuration.

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If you choose to book conventionally, Travelzoo and Hotwire TravelTicker have had some good deals in SF lately. That way, you'll know just what you're getting. I agree that you should probablyl stay downtown, while possibly spending a night in Monterey or one in Marin or Napa.

There are lots of nice zones in SF, but you might want to make sure you stay in a hotel with a nice driveway/pull-in area if your wife's mobility is an issue. Nob Hill, FW and most of the bigger hotels are likely to have these. IMO.

Hope this helps.

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Priceline doesn't seem like a good idea in this situation but maybe I shouldn't have dismissed Hotwire so quickly. The Westin St Francis, for example, is usually easy to ID on Hotwire and WSF has a large offstreet multilane unloading zone. Other hotels that can be ID'ed in advance have the broad loading zone too.

Mobility issues aside, since there are three in your party you'd favor HOTWIRE over PRICELINE anyhow, in order to get two beds.

Depending on your dates, there are many under $150 deals in SF that you can book conventionally now, as Gallus50 notes. Once your dates/plans firm we can try to suggest some concrete options.

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