Priceline Hotel: 3* Doubletree New Orleans Canal St

By swag,

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Did Priceline recently reconfigure the FQ and CCGD zones?

I know Canal St. borders each zone, but the post below yours indicates that the DoubleTree used to be in the FQ, but your win indicates it's now in the CCGD. Or are there 2 DoubleTree hotels in this area and i'm confusing the 2 of them.

Lastly, i don't know New Orleans too well but am familiar somewhat with it... is there a reason why you don't bid the CBD, seems like if you're interested in the FQ then the CBD would be a good zone to add when re-bidding (although not a free re-bid). Just thought maybe there is a hotel in that area that is misrated and you are trying to avoid.

Thanks in advance for insight as to the above.

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I don't know.

The only other Doubletree in town is the DT Lakeside, not near the FQ at all. If it's in any PL zone, it would be Metairie.

As I said, I had bid both FQ and CCGD zones together on 4/22 when I got the Doubletree. (I had bid unsuccessfully the day before on FQ alone and FQ+NO East).

Someone had emailed me earlier that day and told me that they have the Doubletree on a CCGD bid. Canal Street has been the boundary between the zones, so hotels on the SW side of the street (Doubletree 3*, Sheraton 4*) with even-numbered addresses are in the CCGD zone; the NE side of the street, with odd-numbered addresses (Marriott 3*) are in the FQ zone.

So what does all this mean?

- the other poster was in error.

- PL changed the zones and then changed them back

- the person who emailed me was in error, and the zones have been tweaked

- PL has decided that the Doubletree is in both zones ?

Take your pick...

As to your other question, the reason I was avoiding the CBD zone is the Hyatt. As far as I know, it's a nice hotel (I know the lobby is pretty impressive) and properly rated as 3*. I just personally don't care too much for the location, adjacent to the Superdome, about a half mile walk from the edge of the Quarter, thru an area that can be a little iffy at night.

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