Priceline Hotel: Bidding Help - 4* central Seattle Pike Place May 15-18

By mattsregister,

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Want to stay in a nice place in Seattle (4*) over our (Canadian) long weekend in a few weeks.

Just bid the following, rebidding each time with a new area and price, but quit after it got above what we'd like to pay ($85 or so).

All bids for 4*, May 15-18

Bid $66 Pike Place

Rebid w/ Space Needle $74

Rebid w/ Lake Union $78

Rebid w/ Bothell $84

Any tips for prices around this time? A few other posters on the forum seem to have got 4* in may for $75-85...

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Rates are date-specific; if something (a convention, etc) is happening on these dates, then prices will be higher. I'm seeing most 4*'s on Orbitz be sold out for these dates and the cheapest of the remaining is $277 per night. $85 is unfortunately not going to be realistic, given those prices and the amount of hotels sold out. You may be able to get a 3* for these dates for $85, but given the amount of 3*'s that are sold out (the majority of them, it seems) as well, I question how much PRICELINE inventory there is going to be.

I'm unfamiliar with Seattle, but it appears as if there's something major going on on these dates. Have you already booked plane tickets?

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Update: Tried again with the following:

All bids for 4*, May 15-18

Bid $84 Pike Place

Rebid w/ Space Needle $95

Rebid w/ Lake Union $101

Rebid w/ Bothell $116

Rebid w/ University $121

Still nothing. Are we crazy to think that we'll get a deal? Also, forgot to mention that we're trying for 2 rooms.

Haven't booked any travel there, we're driving in from Vancouver so if we don't get accommodation we can cancel the trip.

Used the PRICELINE link from this site.

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With HOTWIRE rates in the Downtown-Pike Place zone at $300+ and no 4* hotels offered in the Space Needle for your dates, it doesn't appear that you'll currently be successful at the prices you're bidding (it doesn't hurt to try as rates can, and do, change all teh time)

What is your maximum bid for this stay? Would you consider lowering your star rating and/or staying in a nearby non-Downtown zone (such as Bellevue)

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