SFO-MCO 1/18/05-1/24/05 UAL


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Began bidding at $160 up to $176 (one dollar at a time!). Received a variety of counteroffers between $220-226. Bid of $177 was accepted!

Your Offer Price: $177.00 (per ticket)

Applicable Taxes: $18.70 (per ticket)

Ticket Cost: $195.70 (per ticket)

Processing Fee: $6.95 (per ticket)

Subtotal: $202.65 (per ticket)

Number of Tickets: 2

Total Charges: $405.30

Departing Flight Information - Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Flight 292

San Francisco Intl (SFO)

San Francisco, CA

Departs: 11:30 AM To

Orlando Intl (MCO)

Orlando, FL

Arrives: 7:30 PM Aircraft

Boeing 757 (Jet)


Returning Flight Information - Monday, January 24, 2005

Flight 291

Orlando Intl (MCO)

Orlando, FL

Departs: 7:15 AM To

San Francisco Intl (SFO)

San Francisco, CA

Arrives: 10:00 AM Aircraft

Boeing 757 (Jet)


Very happy to get nonstop flights in both directions. Saves approximately 3 hours in overall travel time each way.

Please see this thread for a little more background and insight into this bid.

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Being a mileage hound, I would have taken a different tack on this one. Would have been $225 all in on united.com for same itin using the 5% OFF LINK, with approx. 4,880 miles + 1,000 mile booking bonus. So $225 minus value of 5,880 miles (conservatively @.015/mile) would be $225 - $88, for a net of $137.

Glad you're happy with your results though and have a great trip.

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Thanks for the tip, Travelguy!

I'm not really the mileage hound, since I (fortunately) don't have to fly very often. I bought the tickets in two separate transactions, which netted me $50 in Priceline hotel bonus bucks. For me, those will come in much more handy than miles.

Also, the last time I traveled on a Priceline air ticket (United also) the self-service check-in kiosk at the airport asked if I wanted to input my Mileage Plus number. I went ahead and did it, thinking it would kick back due to the Priceline ticket, but surprisingly the points posted to my account. Perhaps a one time glitch....who knows!

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