Hotwire Hotel: 4* Savannah (Hilton Head) Hilton Oceanfront Resort

By Desirees,

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Hello all,

Am really interested in booking this deal through Hotwire since Westin is one of the hotels I might get. Can anyone tell me whether I should wait or go ahead and book the rate Hotwire is offering. Westin website tells me $159 per night, Hotwire today gave me $81. It was $98 about 4 days ago.

Any help would be appreciated. Also, has anyone gotten any other hotels other than Westin when choosing the 4* rating?



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Are you sure the 4* property you are seeing on Hotwire is the Westin?

On a search for your dates i see a 4* property at $81/nite but i don't believe it is the Westin as the amenities don't match up with what is believe to be associated with the Westin.

Please list the amenities you are seeing on your search so that we know if we are looking at the same property.

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Thanks for replying.

We are looking at the same offer...the amenities are Beachfront, Restaurant(s), Pool(s), Fitness Center, Kitchenette, Business Center, Golf Nearby, Laundry Facilities (self-service).

But I was looking at the Hotwire list of hotels in HH and see that Westin is listed to be offered at the 4* level and thought that was what I was looking at. What other resorts are available at the 4* rating? And, should I wait a bit more or go ahead and get the room? I have ample time since we will be driving there and dont need any detailed planning.

Thanks again,


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If you click "View Full Details and Amenities" (or something like that) and you also see Tennis added to amenity list you provided above, i would think that this is most likely the Hilton Oceanfront. If so, the reviews seem to be pretty good and the best rate i could find at the Hilton website was $139 so $81 would seem to be pretty good. Keep in mind though that this property will probably charge parking and/or resort fees.

If you're happy with ending up at the Hilton i don't see any reason to go for it now. My guess is that the price difference you mention is most likely just typical Hotiwre price fluctuation and not indicative of rising/falling demand.

Let us know if we can be of additional help and what you decide to do.

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Thank you for the response. I was very comfortable with the $81 rate, and after I read all the reviews, decided to go ahead and get the room. I was also looking into Priceline and saw that one of the 4* resorts they offered was the Crowne Plaza which did not have a kitchenette which the Hilton has, so even though in the long run PL might have been cheaper decided to go ahead with this so that I am sure I am getting Hilton and not Crowne.

So, for $272.95 we got a room at the Hilton Head Hilton Oceanfront Resort. This is the second time we went with HW and am quite happy.

Thanks for your help,


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Thank you for the follow-up and sharing your win.

Both Priceline and Hotwire have their uses. For this stay you wanted a kitchenette and therefore Hotwire was the best service to use as you could choose a hotel that had one... no 'excuses' need to be made :) Even though Priceline is usually a bit cheaper than Hotwire, each service has a time and a place, and in this example Hotwire was the better choice.... and the savings are still remarkable!

Enjoy your stay at this resort... please give us a review upon your return.

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I took the $81.00 price for the 4-star hotel. It was the Hilton Oceanfront Resort. My wife and I spent this past weekend there for our anniversary (9/30 - 10/3). For the price, the hotel was more than I could ask for. Right on the beach, huge room, restaurants and bars in the hotel. When I checked, the desk clerk had a little trouble getting into the system ... I had to wait about 5 minutes longer than I would have and because of this she upgraded my room to the courtyard/(ocean) view instead of the parking lot view w/o me even asking!!! They have a fitness center and a new day spa also. I couldn't ask for a better location for the price. Next year if I can't afford to rent a villa on the beach, I will be back at the Hilton - if the price is right

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Hi Cdike,

We were there exactly the same days, maybe we passed each other...the Indian couple with two kids...looking stressed (just kidding!).

Do read my review of the hotel in the hotel review section. I think you were lucky to be checked in by some other employee who was not the horror we had. In fact while we were being checked in, I noticed another front desk employee being super friendly to another couple checking in...oh well...

Glad to know you enjoyed staying there, so did we and will definitely return...


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