Priceline Hotel: Providence?

By KatiesMom,

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My family will be traveling to Providence in July, 2005 for my sister's wedding. I won't call it "The Royal Wedding" because she reads this message board and might smack me.... But let's just say it's a multi-day extravaganza, with a trip to Newport for sailing culminating with a reception at the casino in Roger Williams Park, so we will spending several days up there.

I've read reviews on tripadvisor for Providence and it seems like this area is a veritable wasteland for good lodging. I've read the reviews on here and the Westin is the only reliably nice sounding place.

Does anyone have any rec's for the Providence area? For this occasion it's more important to have a good quality hotel (because some family gatherings may occur at our location) than to save $$.

Thanks in advance,


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While I'd have to agree that the Westin is the best hotel in Providence, I'd also have to admit that it's been resting on its laurels for more than a few years. My wife and I were among its first guests when it opened in 1994. They hadn't even received their Club Floor furnishings at the time. It was posh, and we were treated like royalty. Fast forward to our last stay in 2002 (after their renovation) and it seemed as though the hotel had regressed to the status of a mid-tier chain. No more Club Lounge or floor, just busloads of conventioneers and weekend wedding receptions that seemed to overwhelm a lot of the staff. A pity, really, but they lack incentive to improve or even maintain their original standards due to a steady income flow and no real competition. I haven't a clue as to why Providence or Newport don't offer some of the same higher tier properties one sees in Boston or New York. I think its time for a Vanderbilt to step in and up the ante a bit.

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Looks like it is the Westin for us, and it would also appear I would be safe biddng 4* Downtown on Priceline because it's the only 4* identified. Would you concur?

Yes, the Westin is the only 4* in downtown Providence. Also, there are no 4*'s in any of the other zones listed for Providence, so they are all free rebids.

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Just to test the waters I bid in increments up to $75 for a 4* using all the zones. Came up empty (no surprise) so I''ll start again in a few days. My sister is going to reserve blocks at the Westin and at the Courtyard for her wedding but I have a feeling I will still do better with Priceline than the special rate she gets. We'll see.

Apparently The Biltmore refurbished its ballroom and charges $11,000+ for a wedding reception. My sister was considering it at one point. Now that place sounds like one that could be refurbished and be a real gem.

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I know it's way in advance but I have already started trying to book a room for my sister's wedding in July, 2005. My first Priceline bid aimed at the Westin failed so I am getting ready to bid again on the Westin. (My sister told me the Westin quoted her a special rate of $199 for rooms for her dates, I'm hoping to do much better.)

I did a cursory check of Hotwire to see what might turn up for the July dates and only one hotel popped up -- a 3* Downtown Providence property with Restaurant, Pool & Fitness listed as amenities for $49/night. Does that sound familiar to anyone??? And if so, does it sound worth considering?? Based on info you gave me in another thread, I'm thinking it isn'tm, but interested in any feedback you might have.

Otherwise I'm getting ready to bid 4* again. Thanks for sharing any thoughts you have.

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My sister took a tour of the Edgewood Manor B&B which is walking distance to the church where she is getting married and the reception hall (The Casino in Roger Williams Park). She loved it. The B & B told her they would give everyone in the wedding who books with them10% off the regular rates.

We decided to book a suite there for that weekend and as of now a majority of the rooms have been booked by others involved with the wedding. This B& B offers full breakfast daily plus wine, cheese and snacks each evening.

I'll report back after the trip in July, 2005. I'm glad we didn't get the Westin because with the discount, the Edgewood B&B is actually less expensive than the rates we were looking at for the Westin.

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