New Orleans hotel zones

By swag,

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The following is current as of 4/15/03. You are urged to check for changes before placing any bid.

On both Hotwire and Priceline, the French Quarter hotel zone is bounded by the River, Esplanade, Rampart, and Canal St.

On Hotwire, the Downtown zone is bounded by US-90, I-10, and Esplanade, minus the area in the French Quarter zone. This area does include the Treme, an area you might not want to walk in, much less stay at; but since there are no hotels of high enough quality there, you shouldn't worry about ending up there.

Priceline has now (Apr '03) split the Central Business District (downtown) zone. The CBD zone now includes the area between St Charles and I-10, from Canal to just past Poydras, including the Superdome area. It does not include the Treme. The new Convention Center/Garden District zone includes the downtown area between St Charles and the river, plus the Garden District along St Charles out to about Jackson Ave.

For both Priceline and Hotwire, Canal Street is the boundary between the FQ and CBD zones, so hotels on the even-numbered address side of Canal (Sheraton, Doubletree) are in the CBD or CC zone; hotels with odd-numbered addresses (Marriott) are in the FQ zone.

Other available zones include Airport, Metairie, Garden District. See the sites for details.

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Hotwire has new maps posted for New Orleans, and it looks like the border between the FQ and Downtown zones has shifted. Instead of Rampart, the NW border of the FQ zone now looks to have moved a couple of blocks closer to the River, into the Quarter, to Dauphine St.

There are several hotels along Rampart St: Best Western FQ Landmark, French Quarter Courtyard Hotel, FQ Suites Hotel, and maybe others. I don't know if any of them participate with Hotwire, but if they do, they've now moved into the Downtown zone.

The border on the SW edge of the Quarter remains Canal St.

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Big change this week - Priceline has now split the Convention Center Garden District zone in two. The old zone used to run all the way from Canal Street to Jackson Ave.

Now, the Convention Center zone runs from Canal Street to about US-90, and the Garden District zone picks up on the other side of US-90 and runs thru the garden distriuct area.

Both halves seem also to be trimmed by a block or two, as two areas no longer seem to be a part of any zone:

- the area within a block or so of US-90

- the triangle roughly defined by Tchopitoulas & St. Joseph, Lee Circle, and Camp & Poydras

I assume there were no PL hotels in those areas.

For those wanting to be near the Convention Center or Canal St, but who hesitated for fear of ending up in the less-convenient garden district, your problems are solved. :)

I also notice that the CBD zone now includes a one-block area across I-10 along Canal St. That's an odd change, unless they are extending it to encompass a specific hotel. In fact, there is one hotel there, the Grand Palace. Not sure how PL would rate that, but on Expedia, it's a one-star.

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