Hotwire Hotel: 4 Star Condo in Princeville

By apples23,

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4-star hotel in Princeville

This hotel features the following amenities:


Property is located along the ocean, but not directly on a beach. For example, the hotel may be situated on a bluff along the coastline.


Condominium offers a combined living and sleeping area, plus a kitchenette or complete kitchen.

Fully-equipped Kitchen

Condominium offers, at a minimum, a kitchen with refrigerator, stove, sink, dishwasher and all necessary utensils for cooking and eating.

In-Room Laundry

Condominium is equipped with a washer and dryer within the unit.

Fitness Center

Guests have access to exercise equipment; an additional charge may apply.


Property offers at least one pool area; hours and dates of operation may be seasonal.


Property offers at least one restaurant on the premises; hours and days of operation may vary.

High-speed Internet Access

Guestrooms are equipped with high-speed Internet access; an extra charge may apply.

Golf Nearby

Property is located within walking distance or a short drive of at least one golf course; an extra charge typically applies.


Condos are typically larger than a hotel room. Most condos offer separate sleeping and living areas and a full kitchen or kitchenette.

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This property has not yet been reported to the board, but if i were to take a guess i think the the Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas would be a likely possibility... the tripadvisor information matches too, providing a little more confidence in this guess.

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Just wondering if the OP ever reported back on this property or if anyone has booked it yet...I'm considering what appears to be the same one for mid-August, although the price is showing $145/night now. My initial thought (before seeing this thread) was also that it was probably the Westin Princeville, as not much else in the area fits the description.

However, I've been thinking...does hotwire "stretch" to properties outside the immediate area requested? Meaning, in your experience, could a "Princeville" propery actually be in Hanalei? (Hanalei Bay resort also fits the ameneties description, although it's shown on this board's Hotels List with fewer ameneties and 3.5 stars).

Thanks so much for any thoughts..

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