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By like2cruise,

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I always come to see if thereuare or any one else has bidding advice for me. We are going on a cruise from New Orleans in March 05. Our flight arrives around 6pm so I am not sure if it is smart to stay in the French Quarter, Convention Center or airport area. We will want to walk around the French Quarter and possibly take a city tour, but we like to get to the pier early. I am open to suggestions from anyone that has been to Orleans and to also find out if you think it may be too early to start bidding. We have used your help for cruises from Miami and Fort Lauderdale with great success. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks :)

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My take is that it's never too early to start bidding, but with that said, i have looked at some prices and i don't think low rates have yet been released that far out.

If you want to go to the FQ i think the aiport zone is too far away as cabfare would make staying in that area not a financially sound decision.

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Are you aware of anything going on in New Orleans March 19-20, 2005. I noticed that the successful bids have been at the Marriott on Canal so I went to their site to see what the current rates were and there is no availability for our pre-cruise night. The next night is open. I am thinking there maybe some big event going that may not allow us to be successful on priceline. Thanks!!

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I know of nothing going on that day and the convention calendar for New Orleans hasn't listed 2005 yet.

QUICKBOOK has the Omni Royal Orleans @ $109/nite for a European Queen (not really sure what that means other than it's probably a small(er) room with a queen bed). This is a "stay when you pay rate" so according to their website there is not fee to cancel (but double check the terms yourself... their pre-pay rates only have a $10 cancellation fee).

Taking this a step further... if you check the week before and the week after there is also no availability. I then looked and realized this is a Saturday nite, so i searched for the entire weekend (3/18-3/20) and sure enough there is availability. So the hotel right now is just restricting Saturday check-in... this will likely change, or other hotels should make themselves avaialable for a Saturday check-in, as your date draws near.

If you're nervous now i would book something simply to put your mind at ease, but my guess is that this is just an inventory problem and hotels will release inventory in due time.

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