"Free" Re-bids? and counter offers

By Flipphone,

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I am new to Priceline and this BB ... apologize if I missed the answer to this.

In a number of posts I see people talking about 'free' re-bids? I have only used Priceline twice, once to get a hotel in London, UK and I am still trying for one night in Toronto next week.

For the Toronto bid, I used the method for rebidding suggested by using differnt areas of the city with lower than desired hotel stars. I went through 4 bids, each one a little higher but then ran out of areas before I 'bid enough'. Was each re-bid not a free re-bid? When is a re-bid not free?

Also, I have not yet seen a 'counter offer'. When does this happen? Does your bid have to be within a certain number of $'s of what a hotel would accept to get a counter offer or does it only happen with certain locations / hotels?

Thanks for your help and, again, for the great info on this board.


ON, Canada

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Some people refer to the method of re-bidding you described as a 'free' re-bid since technically it's 'free' since you're really not opening yourself up to any additional possibilities... therefore it's 'free' because you're getting something and not giving up anything (like the possibility of getting a hotel in the other zone).

To me a true re-bid is only as described above, but others use the term 'free' to differentiate it from a re-bid where you add another zone. For example if biddng NYC 4* MTE you are rejected, people will say that adding MTW (which has 4* hotels) is a re-bid since it allows you to bid again... but not a 'free' re-bid because you are now also subject to 4* hotels in the MTW zone.

I know you understand the re-bidding concept, but for others that are new to the board and following along you can read more about it here: PRICELINE RE-BIDDING EXPLAINED.

Hope that clears it up (and didn't confuse you more :) )

Counter-offers are random events. More info on counter-offers can be read here: PRICELINE SUGGESTS PRICE TO PAY.

If the above doesn't clear answer your questions feel free to ask for more clarification.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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