Hotwire Hotel: 3* Cincinnati (Covington Riverfront) Embassy Suites

By berrybunches,

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I am hoping someone can give me some advice. I am wiling to work pretty hard to get the best deal. Here is my criteria (or lack thereof) for a hotel in the Cincinnati area:

1) any zone

2) dates around new years, dates are flexible

3) any star level

4) around $30 a night

5) clean and safe

I just wanted to know what areas I would be safe bidding at what star levels without fear of getting a dump.

I have a bit of time so even if a price seems unlikely to get accepted I can try it.

Could I be so lucky to get a 3.5 around $30? Are there bad priceline rated 3.5 hotels? I will try anything as I have plenty of time and want something nice :)

Thanks so much in advance!

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Welcome to the site :)

1. While it's terrific that you can be flexible, we need more specific/exact dates to do research for hotels.

2. You need to be able to accept whatever hotel PRICELINE gives you. While I'm not sure about the quality of the hotels in Cincinnati, the name of the game with PRICELINE is paying less and - as a tradeoff for paying less - giving up a good deal of control over where you stay exactly.

3. $30 is quite low, and will probably be enough to get a 2* and maybe a 2.5*

Let us know your thoughts and we will then be happy to proceed further.

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Sorry I was not more specific :) After re reading my request I can see where it was confusing!

2 star is fine so long as its clean. We were thinking it would be nice to have a suite hotel room if possible but I know we don't have a lot of control there. Originally wanted 3 nights but we have all week off so any number of days or combination of days this week would work.

Our week off is from December 29-January 4th and we have about $130 to spend and we would like at least 3 nights.

I appreciate your help with this! :)

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So 3 nights anywhere between 12/29 and 1/4 for $130? Is that w/tax? I don't know the Cincinatti area, but I fear when you're going to be bidding for 2* or 2.5* properties (as I don't know if 3* is going to be possible for $30), about the quality of the hotel (in other words, a dump.)

I know it's less days, but I'd almost rather recommend 2 nights at someplace nicer. For example, I see a 3.5* hotel with the amenities Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Hi-Speed Internet, Business in downtown Cincinatti for $69 for 1/2-4. This would be an example of a more upscale property for 2 nights rather than a 2* or 2.5* for 3 nights.

For the 1/2-4 dates, I also see a 3* in the Covington Riverfront area of Cincinatti with the amenities: Suite, Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Complimentary Breakfast, Business Center, Laundry. This would appear to be a potential match for the Embassy Suites - at least with that you'd get breakfast and evening reception. That is showing at $52 a night for those dates.

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It was suggested I gave an update on what I ended up doing.

I stayed in the 3* Covington hotel for $52, which was Embassy Suites, for 2 nights, and it was beautiful. They gave us a king size bed and the bedroom had a huge window that overlooked the Ohio rive/Cincinnati skyline. I was surprised they gave us such a perfect view of the city from a hotwire booking. They also gave us a 5pm checkout time on the day of our departure. The hotel itself was beautiful and the staff accommodating. This was probably the best short term stay I have had anywhere.

Great suggestion!

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It was suggested I gave an update on what I ended up doing.

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