Priceline Hotel: 4* New Orleans (CBD) JW Marriott on Canal

By gmc9907,

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Aug 26-29, 2004

JW Marriott on Canal for $50 per night.

This was my first bid today and was accepted after about 30 seconds. I attempted to bid same dates and location (New Orleans - CBD) last week at $60 but the bid was rejected.

Thanks for all the assistance on this board.

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Welcome to BetterBidding!

Thank you for posting and sharing your win with the board.

Enjoy your stay in New Orleans (but be prepared for the heat and some rain... as you'll likely experience both in August). However, just to eat in New Orleans is a treat and worth just about any inclement weather... some of the best food and meals i've ever had!

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Food? A subject close to my heart :)

Irene's - off the radar screen of the tourist books and one of the better meals i've ever had. More of a locals place than visited by tourists (which is usually what i look for) but they don't take reservations. Get there near opening for an early dinner otherwise the wait will likely be substantial. You wait in the garage (literally) until you're 'close' at which point you move up to the piano area, until you're finally seated. Located in the Quarter.

Camellia Grille - for breakfast. Outside the Quarter but take the street car thru the Garden District (look at the nice houses as you go by... if you're young (or 'hip' enough you may even recognize MTV New Orleans Real World house). Once the street car make a 90 degree turn towards the right you'll see it on the other side of the tracks. Part of the NO eating experience is that everyone that works in a restaurant is a 'character'... and this place is no exception. I dined there by myself but was greeted by my waiter as if i was a regular and had a nice converstaion with the gentleman at the counter who sat next to me (he wasn't local to the area but was there two days earlier and had to return again before he left). One the way back you can get off the streetcar and go to the zoo and/or Lafayette No. 1 cemetary which is one of the safer ones to go to if you're on your own (but if you don't feel safe then don't go... use your judgement)

Mother's - a 'should-do' stop for po' boy. Their known for their Ferdi po boy but i went with the shrimp. This is a good lunch stop although a sandwich and a drink will still set you back $12 or so (and it's cafeteria style service).

Central Grocery - mufalletta sandwich which i wasn't impressed with. My guess is that thru popularity and demand this place now makes all their sandwiches in the morning to save time. Their well known throughout the land so i had to try it even though i'm not a 'cold-cuts' type of eater.

Cafe du Monde - great place to hang and drink coffee (iced/frozen if it's still hot and muggy) and eat beignets (i'm better at eating them than spelling them)

Port-of-Call - known for their burgers but i've had many better in my own parts... however, still enjoyed the atmosphere as the result of the 'characters' there. I ate at the bar and a 'regular' young woman (mid-20's walks in with her mom and brother). Bartender, "Hey Kathy, how you doin'? You still skipping school and heading to the track like you told me you've been doing? Oh, who's this? (look at the woman obviously her mother)" :) You can skip this place but i still smile retelling the above story.

Commander's Palace - if you want to spend the big $$ this is the place. I wasn't able to go but my wife went before i arrived and raved about it (and she's not a foodie like i am... if she raves there's gotta be something to it).

None of this are fancy-shmancy places (except for Commander's Palace) but if you're looking for recos along those lines let me know and i'll post other ideas.

I've also emailed you my trip report from NO.

non-food related: Drag Queen Bingo at The Oz. By far my most memorable and fun experience from NO.

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Your opinions and recommendations are much appreciated.

I am an "off the beaten path" kind of guy so I can't wait to try some of the places you mentioned.

This will be the first time I have been to NO during a "down time" (ie: not mardi gras, new years eve, or for a bachelor party) so I am looking forward to enjoying the slower pace and ALL the city has to offer.



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