Successful Credit Card Dispute Against Priceline

By geoherb,

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In July, I bid successfully for a hotel. When I looked at the map, however, I noticed that the hotel was outside the shaded area shown on Priceline's map. I called the 800 number immediately. The reps there could not cancel my bid. I sent an email to Priceline's Executive Offices that day. I received an email back disagreeing with my contention that the hotel was outside the shaded area.

When I called the Executive Offices, I finally got someone to agree that it looked like the hotel was outside the shaded area--but that she could not change anything about my reservation. Subsequent email exchanges with Priceline also proved fruitless. It looked like I was stuck outside the zone I was bidding for.

So, we went and stayed at that hotel. It was inconvenient to get to but was a 3* hotel. All in all, not that bad an experience--but still not great knowing that we had gotten stuck by Priceline outside the zone I was bidding on.

One of my suggestions to Priceline was that if they wanted that hotel to be included all they had to do was extend the shaded area on the map so that other people would not be misled. They ended up taking my advice. The shaded area now includes that hotel.

After our trip, I decided to give Priceline another chance. I sent them an email offering to accept 25 percent off. I received the auto-reply letting me know Priceline had received my email. But I never heard back from them. I decided to file a dispute with my credit card company. I had saved all the emails, including screenshots of the maps from Priceline's website. I also had documented my phone calls, taking detailed notes of who I had spoken with and what they had said.

Now, almost three months later, I received notice from my credit card company that it was upholding my dispute. They are not charging me at all.

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Glad your efforts got them to change the zone to properly include this property.

I have seen this before with both PRICELINE and HOTWIRE, and while sometimes it's a simple mistake, other times each service believes the hotel is properly in the zone based upon the mapping program they are using. Geolocating (i think that's the term of plotting points on a map) is not accomplished by physically inputting each and every point on a map, but metrics, formulas and algorythms are used. I have seen at least once instance where the mapping program PRICELINE was using showed the hotel was in the zone when it actually was not... fortunately they did take corrective action once a link to a different online mapping program was suggested, and they called the hotel to get it straight.

Likewise i have seen a user emphatic that the hotel he received was outside the zone, when the map they were using was wrong, and i knew from experience that the hotel was definately in the HOTWIRE zone they had selected.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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