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By spagirl,

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I would like to reserve a room at a 4* hotel near the Kennedy Krieger Institute, which is part of the Johns Hopkins Hospital. It is located on North Broadway in Baltimore. Any information on hotels, bidding zones, and bidding strategy for a one-night stay on 4/9/03 would be most appreciated. Thanks.

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I don't know the area, but looking at a map on Mapquest it appears to be just north of the Inner Harbor.

IF this is correct, it appears that the following zones get you 'close' (and i don't know which would be best):

Carlyle - Cross Keys

Baltimore Inner Harbor

Baltimore Downtown Waterfront


Mt. Vernon

To find out which is best (assuming nobody from this board chimes in) i would call the hospital or a friend in the area and ask them which of the above areas is closest. Since you may not have 4* hotels in each area, i'd ask them about all 5 areas in case you're unsuccessful with your first choice. (but it appears to me that they're all within a few miles of the hospital)

To get an another perspective, click the Expedia link at the top of the page. In the airline search box, click on HOTEL to switch to the hotel screen. Then click on the link "hotel" where it says "Show More Hotel Options". On the next screen on the top right, there is an option to search near an address. Put in the address and city and it will show you hotels by distance from the address you select. (sounds confusing getting there, but it isn't)

Once you select a zone(s), i'll try to advise on a bidding strategy and starting price.

I would begin this SOON, in order to make sure you have a few bidding opportinities in case you're not successful on your first try.

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You are right. I checked Expedia, and the closest zone appears to be the Inner Harbor. Downtown would be a second option for me. I have a refundable reservation made at the 4* Wyndham Baltimore Inner Harbor Hotel for $169. I look forward to hearing your bidding strategy. Thanks. :)

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At the 4* level, lots of re-bids available so this should be easy (as it doesn't appear that the area is sold out at all). If you're unsure of how re-bids work, give this a read: Re-bidding Explained. If you're still unsure, post back and ask any questions you have.

From your post i imagine that the Inner Harbor is your first choice so we'll try for that only. (unless you're thinking other-wise, at which point repost and i'll edit the strategy).

I would begin with 4* and Inner Harbor (only):

Bid $50 (probably too low, but worth a shot)

If rejected, i would then continue to add re-bid zones, raising my bid by $5 each time, until i reached the maximum amount that i wanted to spend. I don't what maximum bid you have in mind, but i wouldn't be going over $90 (and i DON"T think it will take that much).

If you hit the $90 mark (or whatever your upper limit is) stop at that point and post back... i won't go into more detail at this point because i don't think it'll be necessary.

Feel free to post any questions you have regarding any of the above. I look forward to hearing how it works out!

Thanks in advance for using the links at the top of the page.

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You're quite welcome, glad you were successful.

Based upon a tax rate of 12.5%, Priceline's cost is $69, so you did GREAT! That's the good thing about having so many re-bids is that you have the luxory of low-balling and working your way up to a more realistic bid.

Looks like you were able to cut your back-up rate by more than 1/2, and certainly did better than the Orbitz/Expedia rate of $249/nite!! ($212 rate available for seniors)

Have a safe trip.

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