Hotwire Hotel: Comfort Suites - Ft. Lauderdale Downtown

By pcur,

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I just purchased a room at the Comfort Suites Airport/Convention Center for Saturday night, May 3rd, for one night. It's a pre-cruise stay.

The price was $55, and the hotel was shown as a 2 or 2 and-a-half stars. With all the taxes and fees it was $68 total.

I had researched all the nearby hotels because I was looking for one with a shuttle and breakfast. I had looked at the Comfort Suites on their own web site last night, and the cheapest prices for AARP was $144, with the "standard rate" being $224. These are BEFORE taxes and fees, too. So, the Hotwire price was great!!

The hotel showed the shuttle, breakfast and a swimming as amenities, and it's in the Downtown Ft. Lauderdale area.

I checked on several boards, too, for reviews on the hotel, and most people are pleased with it.

The "bonus" is the shuttle is to/from BOTH the FLL airport and the cruise port.


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Ah HA! So this is the mystery property which has been coming up. Thanks!

Are you sure about the breakfast icon? I've not seen that at the 2.5 star level in Downtown except for the Amerisuites (and I just did some searching again and couldn't duplicate it). If you are sure, then you've just identified a "key amenity" for identifying this property - excellent!

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No, I was wrong about the breakfast icon. I was debating between the $43 and the $55 room, and the $43 room had the icon.

My philosophy about these hotels, after researching them on other web sites, first, is if they have 3* (give or take a half), AND they have a shuttle, they usually have some kind of breakfast, too. Hotwire doesn't always show all the amenities.

Even though this Comfort Suites has the Airport / Conventrion in it's name, it's listed in the Downtown Area.

I pick this area and the Airport area because I think I have a better chance of finding a shuttle hotel that goes to BOTH airport and cruise port, which is what's most important. We aren't too nuts about taxi's, having had a bad experience once or twice.

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Thanks for the follow up, but something interesting just happened as i tried to duplicate this hotel for a variety of dates.....

i saw a few variations come up for 2.5* properties downtown! One search only showed a swimming option, another showed swimming and a shuttle. I wonder if Hotwire randomly shows 'selected' amenities just to add to the confusion!

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I don't think the amenities shown are accurate. It's just what the hotels want shown. Some think the shuttle's a plus, some don't. I was reading about pre-cruise hotels on Cruise Critic and found a comment about one hotel with a shuttle that didn't mention it on their web site!! It was one of the beach hotels, and I thought they were too far away to shuttle to/from the airport/cruise port.

I had a pretty good idea with 2 - 3 * that I was getting a "suite" type hotel anyway, with a continental breakfast. That's sort of a given. So, that's when I narrow it down to the shuttle.

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I used to wonder the same thing about the "revolving" icons for the same hotel. I'd seen time when the Amerisuites would be available at a certain price, then the next time I'd come back and see a 2.5* hotel with just the shuttle and pool icon at the same price, and wonder if it wasn't Hotwire trying to further mask the real hotel. That's why I'm so glad to see there really *is* another hotel at this level in this zone, especially since the Comfort Suites in this location is quite popular.

Nice going!

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