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By shelbyg75,

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I just got back from our Priceline stay at the Trump. I was in Vegas 6/4-6/8. The first night was business and we were at the Palm. The rest of the weekend (3 nights) we were at the Trump. I got it through Priceline fo $155 a night.

Let me say this hotel is awesome!!! It is extremly plush and the service is great! For me it was actually a plus not to have the casino and for it to be nonsmoking... It was about 3 mins to walk to the Wynn and maybe 5-7 mins to get to the Palazzo and the Venetian. To me this was perfectly acceptable.

The restaurant in the Trump as our splurge dinner for the trip and the food and service was great!! The rooms a big and the bathrooms are marble with an enormous walk in shower and a jacuzzi tub and even a TV recessed in the mirror.

Nightly turndown service was done with Jazz music on the radio and chocolate truffles on the bed for when you get back from your late night out...

The pool is great! Not a huge resort pool but just a nice long rectangular pool. They have a grill out there and offer some restaurant food as well as burgers/dogs/chicken from the grill... The staff walk through peridoically with treats... ice cold towels, sliced watermelon, sushi...

My husband and I are both 30 years old and we loved it. Everyone we talked to at the pool (some young, some older) loved the hotel. Our cabbie back to the airport asked us what we thought of the hotel... he said he's never picked anyone up from there that gave it less than an 8 out of 10...

I wasn't sure what to expect and was initally a little sad we had gotten the Trump (was expecting the Palazzo or Venetian)... but I would now say I'd love to go back there and stay there again!!

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I had a slightly different experience at the Trump in Las Vegas. I read the previous post prior to bidding so I was not disappointed when Trump won with a bid of $165 a night for July 25th and 26th. There was a decent boxing match for the weekend, so $165 was a pretty good price even though it was middle of summer. Before I review the good and bad of the Trump, I want to put it in the perspective that it was based upon my only stay there and it's in comparison to 4-5 recent stays at the Palazzo and Venetian properties.

Starting from the beginning, I thought the lobby was very nice with a large sitting area to the right with plenty of room to read, wait for others or relax. Also a nice little bar there. Checkin was a little disappointing as I got there a little before 2 pm and they said the room they had reserved for me was not ready yet. I replied that since it was just me that any room would do and they didn't offer up any others. I left my number with them and they said they'd call when it was ready. A nice little feature of the Trump is that it is a stones throw from the high end stores of the local mall...I'm sure there was planning in that. I didn't get a call so I went back at about 3:15 to checkin. I got my room and they brought my bag up and explained the features of the room.

Room isn't quite as big as the suites at venetian or palazzo, but nice. Bathroom is beautiful with deep sauna tub, great roomy shower (even for someone 6'5" or so) and a builtin LCD tv in the mirror. The other nice part of the room was that you had your own fridge, stove top, blender, etc compared to the fridges of $5 water at the palazzo. tv's were HD and comparable to palazzo. Bed was comfy and fine. Some of the little things that may just have been quirks that needed to be worked out for a new hotel were the stereo (ipod player) did not work, and there weren't any tissues in the room (just an empty box). No big deal though.

The pool was small but there were plenty of chairs (almost personal type cabana chairs) and very prompt service. Spa was $22 and was on par with venetian (which I think is $35 a day)...Almost same setup with showers, sauna, steamroom, lockers, etc. Gym was fairly small with no free weights, but was plenty good for a quick workout. The pool atmospere is low key, not like "sights" at the venetian or palazzo.

One of the neat features of the room was a button on the inside of the wall which either can be pushed for housekeeping or privacy, so you don't have to bother with the little tags on the door.

The aspect that was disappointing was the service. Check in was slow even though there were only about 6 people checking in. They had 4 workers checking people in and when I left for dinner the check in line was 30 or so deep. Almost all other hotels I have stayed at in vegas will check you in early unless sold out. I don't know how many were staying at the trump, but it was not busy, so I was a little putoff that they didn't even attempt to look for another room for early check-in. That's fine as that's the policy. But when I left to gamble for the day (and night) and requested housekeeping, I was a little miffed that when I got back to the room at midnight, they had not serviced the room at all. That's fine maybe it was an oversight. When I checked out and they asked how things were and I said the room was never serviced they just said thanks for telling us. I don't expect a chocolate on the pillow every night, but I do expect a little more out of the service from a 5* Hotel.

Again, this may have been a "one off" and other than the checkin wait, non service of the room and the nonchalant response, the room, facilities and stay were nice.

Bottom line, the palazzo or venetian have nicer rooms, a better location and at least from my experience better service. Hope this review is helpful for those bidding and I hope the few quirks above for the trump were anomalies

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Hi all.

I just got back from my PricelIne Las Vegas trip, staying at Trump International for Aug 4th up to and including the 9th. I wanted to give an update of how things went, my room, etc. I was a little disappointed that I didn't win the Palazzo or Venetian, but I figured that Trump had to be a great hotel, so I went there with an open mind.

I went to check-in on the 4th with $20 between my credit card and ID ready to try the $20 trick. However, the Trump hotel had no record of my win through PriceLine. They contacted PriceLine and worked it out -- it was a keying error on Trump's side, so things were fine. For my trouble, Trump updated my room to the best available, so I never got to try the $20 trick, but thats fine.

As for the room and hotel, it was a great hotel: very clean, upscale, and the service was great. The room, especially the bathroom, was very nice. I honestly cannot say anything negative about the Trump Hotel. Perhaps having a casino in the hotel would have been nice, but I knew that risk before bidding for 5* on the North Strip, so I was fine with it. It is a little walk to the Strip, but only about 5 minutes -- a good way to work off the endless buffets and eating that I did :) I guess the only drawback is the restaurant at Trump is very expensive and I never once ate there. I think the hotel is geared more towards business travelers than personal travelers.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with my experience and won't hesitate to use PriceLine or Hotwire in the future and, especially this site. This site helped to open my eyes to a whole new world of travel. Thanks to everyone for their help. Hope you all enjoy your trip(s) at least half as much as I did.


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Unfortunately, I didn't find this site before I booked the Trump via priceline.

So after reading some mixed reviews from tripadvisor.com I was really bitter about winning the Trump Hotel. But after staying for one night, I'd have to say it was a good, if not great experience.

The staff: friendly, period. The person who brought our bags up offered to help us familiarize ourselves with the different functions of the room. We declined and asked where the ice machine was. He grabbed the ice bucket and got ice for us.

The room: spacious and clean. Loved how we could watch the game in the bathroom mirror. Bed was extremely soft.

The price: for a Saturday check-in and Sunday check-out I paid around $130.xx with taxes and fees from priceline. Also, there was a $15.00 ($16.xx with tax) resort free which everyone should be aware of. This includes the valet, the use of the pool and fitness center. What most people don't mention is that the fee also includes a late checkout at 4PM. This is extremely helpful for those that want to sleep in and not get charged an extra night's stay. It worked well for me at least.

Overall, I would risk getting this hotel again, but I don't like the fact that it is rated a 5*. Also, I wish they had a casino.

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New user here. I stayed at the Trump two weeks ago for Super Bowl Sunday. Saturday check in was $100 with the aforementioned $15 resort fee. Everything went well except for the fact that my key didn't work for the pool area! I went to the front desk and asked for a new card, went to the pool, and it still didn't work! When I went to check out, I asked if they could refund my resort fee. After all, I was locked out of the pool, but no dice.

As mentioned already, Trump has comfortable beds, nice bathroom (with tv), lobby, etc. However, this place doesn't have a casino which disqualifies it from 5star status in my book.

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We won a bid here for $108 on 5/14-16. Called ahead to request 2 beds and they saved us a room. Not punished for using PL. Quick check-in. Parking and resort fees totaled $29 per night. Spacious, elegant rooms and public spaces; we loved the quiet, non-smoking, non-gaming atmosphere. We had a problem while here, but management was ultra-responsive. Everyone was quite apologetic, and we even got a personal visit from the gm-night manager. The front-desk manager comped all our fees and gave us a $50 credit to use at the gift shop (which had surprisingly reasonable prices), restaurant, etc. Bellhops/valet were excellent (got the minivan and loaded the luggage for us before we even got out of the lobby).

You must be careful walking to Trump at night as there are few street lights and the street is dark, curvy, and frequented by speeders. Due to lack of crosswalks and sidewalks, I suggest walking through the mall next door and then jaywalking from Nordstrom's porte cochere to the Trump's porte cochere.

I forgot to copy my tripadvisor review, but you will find detailed walking instructions and bus pass/route info on there if you search for "Trump Las Vegas reviews." My id is pricelinejunkie. Happy travels!

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Paid $70 each for 2 rooms, mid-week in January.

First off, Vegas in the new economy is much more bearable. Lines are down and customer service is way up. The recession is a big bummer for everybody, but at least the approach in LV seems to be to increase customer service to get and keep visitors (as opposed to the airlines, who treat you worse in tough times). I don't like Vegas, but really enjoyed this business trip.

This is a nice property. Sits in a big, empty abandoned construction site, but is only a couple hundred yards from the strip (no sidewalks to get there) and directly across the street from the mall. the mall connects to wynn/palazzo/venetian, etc.

rooms are nice, spacious and well appointed. huge bathrooms with a dangerously slippery marble floor. tv in the bathroom mirror did not work. free bottled water left everyday by housekeeping. our 2 rooms were connected by a private foyer. very quiet, though that likely related to low occupancy. no priceline room here, but a view of the distressed construction sites to the north instead of the strip.

1 restaurant and bar. pricey, but not bad food. overall, a nice and attentive staff.

both days had testing of the alarm system, which I'm sure is only a couple times a year. second day it went off in 10 minutes intervals all day. it was very loud and quite maddening and I was surprised they didn't offer around some coupons or something for the guests to get a drink or desert. maybe you had to complain. also, found a pair of crusty unders behind a seat cushion--not exactly 5-star. they took my email addy at check-in and started spamming me immediately. I should have refused to give it.

overall, tough to beat at $70, especially if you don't need/want a casino. don't bother trying to get out of the $15 resort fee.

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I booked a reservation through Priceline with Treasure Island but was moved to the Trump because TI oversold. Liked the fact that I was getting a 5* hotel for the price of a 4*, but I specifically wanted TI because my friend and I saw a show next door at the Mirage. In any case, we made the best of it. We arrived at the hotel around 2:00 and were able to check in no problem. Since I was already getting such a great price, I opted for the $50 upgrade I read about on TripAdvisor, which turned out to be a great decision. We were upgraded to a corner suite, which starts at $289/night on the hotel website.

Lots of nice views of the hotel pool and the strip, and tons of space in the suite. There is a large living room with a 42-inch HDTV, and also a small dining area for four. The kitchen area has a full size fridge, microwave, stovetop, oven, and sink, not that we really needed all of that. The best part was that, in addition to the incredible master bathroom with shower and deep tub, there was another bathroom with a full size shower adjacent to the living room. If you are able to pay the upgrade fee for a suite, I'd say it's definitely worth it.

The room and entire hotel were nicely decorated and very clean. We did visit the fitness center, which I thought was fairly large and had lots of equipment. The pool area leaves something to be desired, though, at least compared to others on the strip. Just one large rectangular pool with a single hot tub that seats maybe ten. We did not visit the spa.

Some complaints...there was a plastic strip lining the guest shower that was starting to come off and hung over a foot into the shower - very annoying and it could not be fixed without adhesive. One of the four chairs at the table had a large tear along the seam in the back. Finally, my biggest objection was to the sleeper sofa. As far as I'm aware the hotel does not offer rooms with two queen or double beds, even in the corner suites. My friend and I prefer to sleep in separate beds and I opted to take the sleeper sofa. I can't speak to the comfortability of the king bed (although my friend said it was amazing), but this had to have been the worst sleeper sofa mattress I've ever experienced. Granted, I don't expect a sleeper sofa to have the same comfort as a normal bed but the springs dug into my back the whole night. In fact, it was so bad that I finally just slept on the sofa itself, which was considerably better! Or maybe it was just that I was so exhausted from not having slept well on the pullout mattress. If you're not going to offer two beds at least make the pullout somewhat comfortable!

Everything considered, this is a very nice looking hotel with some great features, especially in the suites. The service we received was very good, especially from the girl who checked us out. She removed the resort fee without me even asking or telling her about any of the complaints - just as an apology for us having moved hotels. However, the problems I mentioned prevent me from recommending this as a true 5* hotel. Nevertheless, if given the option to stay again for a similar price, I would do it. I would just make sure that I brought someone with whom I was comfortable sharing a bed!

P.S. - we received a 4:00 p.m. late checkout, which I was very grateful to have!

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I stayed at The Trump twice; through Priceline & Hotwire. I stayed both in the regular (junior) suite and in the 1 br suite. (I actually preferred the junior suite, 1 br is too big for 1 person :-) ). Strip view is much nicer, and I did hear the train when staying at the non-Strip side of the hotel.

I love the quiet / non-smoking /non-casino atmosphere, especially considering that my stay immediately preceding Trump was at Hard Rock, where you have to shout at the person checking you in.

I noticed that Priceline now separates Trump in its own category (Near Strip North - Condo), so it's a sure bet to get it on priceline, if you want Trump. You can generally save $15-20 off the Hotwire rate, by going via Priceline.

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