Priceline Hotel: 2.5* Seattle (Lake Union) Residence Inn

By Colfax,

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Finally got something!

$60 rejected. $65 accepted.

$209 at residenceinn.com. $119 at HOTWIRE.

This two day trip is a good example of how splitting your bid sometimes helps. When I bid both nights together $75/2.5* in Lake Union and $75/3* in University-Northgate were rejected.

When I split my stay and bid the nights separately I won one night for $60 and the other for $65, at two different hotels. I would have preferred both nights at the same hotel but for now I'm just glad it's over.

Residence Inn has the same price of $209 on 4/30 and 5/1. That makes me think the hotel might have given Priceline inventory in the five days since I was rejected at $75 for both nights. If I'd waited longer to bid maybe I could have won both nights for $65.

Bids were placed through BetterBidding's PRICELINE link.

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WOO-HOO!! Looks like the Seattle curse has been broken :)

Congratulations on your win!

Glad to hear you were successful and received a hotel you're happy with, as you've certainly had your share of <cough> undesirable properties in this area.

Thanks for using our PRICELINE link to begin your bidding.

Enjoy your stay.

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Excellent hotel. I'd stay at the Res Inn every time I visit Seattle if it was easier to win on PRICELINE. Most accepted bids seem to happen within a couple weeks or less of the stay and I don't see a consistent pattern to which nights Res Inn will accept (weekdays vs weekends, for example) or much correlation between rack rates and Priceline rates. I'm looking for rules like "You can get it for $65 when the rack rate is $179 or less", and so far I haven't been able to crack the code, if one even exists.

For $65 I won the Thursday night when rack rate was $209. Yesterday I tried Add a Night for Friday and got a $124 counteroffer, even though the Friday rate is only $161. I also tried conventional bidding for Friday up to $75 (my bidding limit) and that was rejected. HOTWIRE has the Res Inn for $129.

I'll be switching hotels again. Seatte's never "Priceline Easy" for me.

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