Hotwire Hotel: 3* Norfolk (Downtown) Tazewell Hotel and Suites

By Hokie4Life,

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Sorry I'm late in posting this.

I can't beleive that this hotel was listed as a 3 star hotel. I think this hotel should be listed as a Boutique Hotel at 2 stars at best. We were really disappointed with the hotel. Also, there is no free parking on the premises. This was not stated on Hotwire nor the Hotel's direct website(official homepage) You can either feed the meter until 6pm daily or buy parking from the hotel (first come/first served)at a charge of $10/day. They had a total of about 15 parking spaces for sale. We purchased parking..beware that just because you bought a permit, doesn't mean that you will get to park in their reserved lot. Each night when we returned to the hotel, we had to park on the street, go to the front desk, and inform them that someone was in our parking space. Each night, it turned out to be one of their own employees.

Words can't express how unhappy we were with our stay.

Oh, btw, the amentities listed were Restaurant, business center, and fitness center.

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Better late than never... but we're just thankful you chose to post :)

I'm sorry to hear you had a disappointing experience. One aspect of this board, as we continue to grow and users post their wins and experiences, it will not only help users in having an idea of what hotels they will get... but also what hotels to avoid!

You may also want to copy/post some of your comments above in the HOTEL REVIEWS section of the board as over time it will be seen by more users in that area and that's probably the first place people will look for comments such as these.

Thanks again for sharing your results and comments.

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