Priceline Hotel: 3* Seattle (Airport SEA) Hilton Airport

By Destiny19692006,

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:) This was the first time I had bid, so I was already nervous. I bid on two rooms and I should have caught it, but I didn't. Now my cousins don't have the same hotel as us. I needed three hotel rooms. I am planning the entire trip and it was my fault. I feel terriable. Do you think I can call the hotel and see if they will honor the price and put them in the same hotel as us? Can I do that? Will they be upset with me if I call and ask such a request? It is booked for August. So some time away. Please advice.

Thanks so much!


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I started out with bidding $60.00 on 3 star and 4 star in Seattle downtown and Pike Place. I think that is what I had marked. Right there in the Center of Seattle is what I had marked. My next bid, they declined the $60.00 so I went to $70.00 was declined. I bid $90 next, declined. I went to $102 and it was accepted. So, I have two rooms for $102.oo per night. Now to worry about transportation :) for all of us. hmmmm

Good luck on your bids!

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Welcome to BetterBidding!

You essentially have three options:

1) book the Hilton direct where you can get a $143/nite rate (not too far from your accepted bid as i think yo probably overbidf or the hotel)

2) search HOTWIRE to see what is offered and if anything matches what has previously been reported for the Hilton appears

3) bid $102 on PRICELINE and hope you get the same hotel (realizing that you'll likely be overpaying for the hotel again... but if you were to bid less, you increase the likelihood of receiving a different hotel)

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Let us know what you decide and how we can be of further help.

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Thanks for the advice. I wrote my cousin to see what she decided as to what she want's me to do. I made the mistake, so I guess I may have to pay for it. but like you said not to much more a night. I don't see how I overbid though, as I bid, they didn't accept, I rebid a little higher, same thing, I rebid again, and still no offers, and finally at $102 someone accepted. I wanted to stay in the downtown area or near the airport, at 3 star or 4 star. So, if I overbid, what did I do wrong? Please let me know so I will know what not to do next time.... Thanks for all the great advice given.

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Actually, you never mentioned adding the Airport zone at all, so i assumed you added it as you continued to bid.

Regardless, if you look at history for this area bids are consistently won at prices much lower than this (put "Seattle Airport" without the quotes in the QUICK SEARCH box in the blue banner at the top of the board). While your dates may have been unusually high, the hotel direct rate at the Hilton indicates this isn't likely the case. You may have just bid too high too soon, as i suspect prices will be lower as you get closer to your check-in date.

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Keep us updated regarding what you decide to do for the additional room you need.

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