Priceline Hotel: 5* Bidding on Las Vegas Strip (north and south)

By goblue97,

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I've been bidding up to $120/night for a 5* on the North and South strip zones. I realize its a long shot, but I have time on my side and I saw someone win the Palazzo @ $120/night. So far (over the past two weeks) I have received counter offers of $191, $185 and now $165. I'm hoping the gap gets narrower and narrower. Will continue to post my progress.

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Oh and I must also point out that my backup is the Monte Carlo which I got through them direct, refundable, at $129/$79/$79. So its about a $96/night average. Very happy with that property at that rate....but if I can get the Palazzo for just a little more, I would. I am also bidding on 4 rooms, as we're going in a group. Unfortunately some in the group dont want to pay more than $120 which I feel is holding us down.

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If you look above at the top right corner of the board or in my signature, we now have our own links to PRICELINE.

Oh - thanks for the heads up. I have to admit, its really difficult to support this board. There are way too many links going on in different places and things keep changing. But i'll do my best to keep up, as I love this site.

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Oh - thanks for the heads up. I have to admit, its really difficult to support this board. There are way too many links going on in different places and things keep changing. But i'll do my best to keep up, as I love this site.

Used your link today for my bidding of 4 rooms -- the counter offer came down to $162. Seems like its dropping every day.

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quick note ( i will post my winning bids in a little while) i just bid the same nights as you are looking for and got $146 per night accepted. this was the absolute lowest price as $145 was rejected. so if you are willing to pay this i suggest you do so while the rooms are still available at that rate. i also got the same counter offers. if you attempt to underbid it first, ignore the offers to rebid for $22 more. it is just a ploy to get you to pay more!

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Thanks for the heads up! I wish I could bid that high, I think its a STEAL for how nice the place looks and the rave reviews people are giving it. I already have the Palazzo for that Friday night, but the rest of my group (which arrives Saturday) doesnt want to go that high.....

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the wife and i stayed at Palazzo 2 weeks ago and it was fabulous - well worth the few extra bucks!! i am going back in may (see above). my bro wanted to stay @ Bally's which looks like an utter 'dump' compared to these places. i talked him into grudgingly accepting Venetian!! ( @ total out of pocket cost of $100 more over 3 nights split 4 ways- not much really!!)

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i tried the last 3 days in a row(not including today)at 5 stars in north strip and south stip in vegas april 11th to 15th, , and kept getting rejected,

i stopped aand gave up after bidding 150 a night, that is just outrageous i thought surely id get accepted at north or south.

They countered me at 212 around the time i bid 120 each day.

its not like its spring break during those dates why are they being so tough?

Anyone know which hotel it would have been , i dont recall if it was on the north or south strip but if memory serves it was the north.

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Replying that you're getting rejected for your own stay is somewhat on topic and acceptable, although rates are date specific so there could be very different reasons for your rejections and the OP's suggestions.

However, when asking questions regarding your own stay ("why are these dates so tough", "what would the hotel have been") then it becomes time for your own thread, as then it becomes difficult to keep track of which replies are for which stay, as well as not fair to the OP if all the questions begin to pertain to your own thread (leaving him/her with nowhere to continue questions/updates for their own stay).

Hope that clarifies it.

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Everyone seems to want to avoid the Westin hotel. Is there a way to see what the lowest price is that it has come up? I looked through the threads and never saw anything lower than $89/night at first glance.

Just wondering if you kept your bids around $50-60 for this zone if you were more likely to get PH or Luxor. I realize nothing is ever guaranteed with PL but just thinking it might make odds better? Darn Westin ruins the best zone for deals!

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Funny thing is I've been to Vegas alot and been by the Westin alot -- never stayed there based on logistics (travel dates, cost, other travel offers, rejected bids, et al) but would've been quite happy with it -- and can't understand why folks avoid this property. Yes, it is not precisely on the Strip, but it is wayyy closer to Center Strip (i.e. Bellagio, Caesars, lots of the other main casinos) than, say, the Luxor (which looks pretty on the outside but...) or Excalibur (which seems like it'd have been Ok if you had little kids and it was the 1980s). It's maybe a good half-block to a block from the back-side entrances of the Flamingo or Ballys (side Ballys entrance leads to Monorail). And being smaller than most casinos and a 100% non-smoking facility, you don't have to walk a mile through a smoke-filled casino just to get to the guest elevators. Also being Westin, that means the way upgraded Starwood Westin bedding.

As such, I'm a bit perplexed and thought I'd throw my two cents in. I'd love to get the Westin on my next PL bid.

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I tend to spend a good portion of my late mornings/early afternoons in Vegas by the fabulous pools. The Westin's pool is just average, not your typical pool. And the Westin does not have the dining options of the larger "Vegas" style places. I love having 7 restaurants AND a food court without having to leave the building. Its all part of the Vegas experience.

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