Priceline Hotel: Summerlin- NW Las Vegas HELP!!!

By gaspegirl,

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I am really really interested in the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort, and I see that it is offered through Priceline. BUT! I don't see any other "resorts" listed.... So I am worried that I bid for the "resort" category and I end up staying at some 1 star "resort" in someone's basement.....

Can anyone help me and let me know what the chances are that the one resort that comes up on priceline is really the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort?


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please list your dates of travel and your maximum bid per night.


Check in May 2, check out May 5. Need 2 rooms (but scared to risk it, so may try only one room and my hubby, brother and I will sleep in one room...) I would hate to bid on two "resort" rooms and we all end up sleeping in a basement.. :-)

Max budget = 150


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We love the JW Marriott! It is a beautiful property. The bathrooms are truly luxurious. We have stayed there several times, and are hoping to stay there again in June. In my experience using Priceline I have never seen another Resort property come up in the NW zone, but there are never any guarantees with Priceline.

So I am worried that I bid for the "resort" category and I end up staying at some 1 star "resort" in someone's basement.....
That is not going to happen. The resort properties on Priceline are at least 4* quality (moderators correct me if I am wrong here), so, they could put you in a 4 or 5* quality hotel, but def. not a 1 star.

One thing you should be aware of is that the JW is a fair jaunt from the strip. They do have a shuttle, which I have used during the day, but not sure of the night schedule. They do have a casino, but it is rather low-key compared to the strip. If you are looking for action and nightlife, it may not be your best bet. ( :) ) If you are looking for a nice quiet, relaxing vacation it would be perfect. They have a spa, which I have never used, golfing is close by, and the SunCoast is within walking distance. Oh, and I should mention that the pool area is also very nice.

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Tried rebids tonite up to 125, no luck.

I am wondering if even going up to 150 would win it.... Also, priceline told me that "resorts" are the "finest" quality, so I won't end up in a 2 star by asking for a resort.

I think I may just extend the stay at the Palazzo and drive out for the golf. I don't understand why hotels off the strip are more expensive than on it!!! :-(

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If betterbidding is associated with PRICELINE and HOTWIRE, is there a way I could ask someone to inquire? Priceline came back with a counter of 242, and it's 264 on their site. I think I'd rather just pay the 264 and know what I am getting- a savings of 20$ is nothing - considering the fees that are charged through priceline - it doesn't make it worth it...

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Inquire as to why the savings aren't greater... is that what you're asking? :)

It doesn't work that way... besides, you don't even know for certain which hotel they're offering.

The hotels could be near capacity so they only offer a very small discount to the opaque suppliers. If they only have a few rooms left, they'd rather save them to offer rack rate to a possible walk-in customer than to offer them at a deep discount.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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Here is the link to a Marriott special for your dates that includes breakfast for two and a $20 drink credit each day for $234. If you take off the value of the credits that brings it down to approx. $184/night. JW Marriott Fiesta Promotion


Unfortunately, the special rate you requested is not available. Please make a selection from the room rates listed below.


May 2 - 5

soooo sad!! I keep praying for a miracle! :-)

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