Priceline Hotel: 4* San Francisco (USE) Grand Hyatt

By lelau,

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Priceline won't upgrade Boutique bids to 4*. Priceline doesn't explicitly state that as a rule but, to my knowledge, noone has ever reported a Boutique bid being upgraded to 4*. (Correct me if I'm wrong, thereuare or anyone.)

What that means, if true, is that your bids from $80 to $95, which included Boutique, weren't eligible for upgrade to a 4* hotel, even if you were bidding high enough.

You won a good hotel though. Enjoy your stay.

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Yep, boutique will not upgrade to 4*. About a month ago, I was bidding in USE/USW as if it would, and bid really high and got nothing. Eventually I added 3* and reduced my bid significantly, and got a 4* upgrade win at a much lower price than I had been bidding for boutique.

Also, I just bid your exact same itinerary (4* USE/USW 11/16-11/18). $80 failed, $85 got the Grand Hyatt.

So, now you know. $30 total difference for two nights isn't that big of a deal, thankfully!

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