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Hotwire account was terminated without any reasons

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By uop1497,

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I tried to book hotel room in Hotwire Website (through your link) for my coming vacation. I began the booking process. Somehow, I got an error message and the booking can not be completed. I tried 3 times with different credit card and same error result.

Later on, I find out from customer service that my account was frozen by Risk Management department. Hotwire's representative gave me the phone number to contact. I called the provided number and I ended up talking to the answering machine. I left the message and two hours later I got contact by email saying my access to hotwire was terminated.

I don't see any explanation in the email to indicate of what went wrong during my booking of the hotel. I tried to contact Risk management personnel through phone and email again, but no success. Only connect me with the answering message

Does anyone here having similar situation like me. If so, do you know of other way to get in contact with them ( I mean to talk to a person not an answering machine) and have you ever had your hotwire account activate again.

By the way, I have excellent credit and never get in to any problem of buying hotel room in Priceline at all. I am unsure of what's happened to these charges on my credit cards.

All advices is highly appreciated.

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The email from Hotwire simply said you've been terminated with no reason or explanation at all?

I'd call Customer Service back on Monday and ask who you can speak to live for an explanation. Ask to speak to a supervisor if necessary.

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