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By thereuare,

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We're happy to launch the latest board feature (and a CONTEST too!!) to help users get the most out of their trips ... the BetterBidding Travel Tips Wiki.

What is a Wiki?

For those who don't know, a WIKI is an informational, online article, which can be edited by anyone. As others have more information to add to the article they can simply do so by editing the aritcle. Likewise, if information in the article is no longer correct, any user can edit/delete in order to fix the incorrect information. As many of the board's "experts" in a given city end up typing the same information again and again, the purpose of our Wiki is to have all of this information in one place, as well as allows others to contribute their own tips. We can change the set-up based upon user feedback as time goes on, but the initial format will be as follows:

1) Each State/Country will have it's own Category

2) Within each category we'll try to keep all information classified within three article topics:

  • Hotel Information (including hotels to target or avoid, parking/resort fees, alternate parking options, transportation, etc
  • Restaurants and Other Food Related Items (recommended restaurants near certain hotels)
  • Things To Do (what shouldn't be missed in the area)

If you would like start an article and the category (State/Country) is not yet listed please send me a PM and i'll create it for you. Once the State/Category is listed any registered member can start an article by clicking the NEW ARTICLE button... existing articles can be edited (to add/remove/correct information) in a similar fashion.

Downsides of a Wiki:

Unfortunately Wikis can be abused by those who want to "spam" or self promote links to websites of their choosing... neither of which is allowed nor permitted. Since all members can edit a Wiki article, the board should "police itself" and any member can delete/edit what is believed to be spam. All revisions are "saved" so it will be easy to 'go back' and unedit any changes that were made to an article (if for instance somebody maliciously tried to make an edit which deleted the entire article).

At the main page of the Wiki, if you click the OPTIONS dropdown menu you can select 'article history' to see dates of when an article was edited. On this article history page you can also click the box to the right to 1) revert an article (if somebody posted a bunch of spam you can simply 'revert' to the previous version) and 2) see the differences between the current article and a previous version of the aritcle (with additions/deletions highlighted)


Since our Wiki will have a "Things To Do" category, we're also happy to announce a CONTEST to win a $100 Gift Certificate to VIATOR, a leading supplier of tours, activities, events, and things to do while on vacation. To enter the contest, simply add a reply to the VIATOR CONTEST thread with two items of information:

1) your most favorite specific activity you have done on vacation (ie- "ate breakfast in bed" doesn't count... "went to Disneyworld" or "did the Hollywood Walk of Fame Tour" or "ate at my favorite restaurant (name here)" are all acceptable)

2) the most interesting activity you would like to try (and which you could potentially use the gift certificate for) from Viator website

The contest will end 12/31/07 and shortly thereafter we will pick a winner at random from those who have entered the required information in the Contest Thread. (usual disclaimers apply: we reserve the right to edit, change, terminate the contest and/or rules at any time, etc, etc)

Please use this thread to discuss and/or ask questions concerning the BetterBidding Travel Tips and Advice Wiki... use the Contest Thread for any discussions regarding the contest.

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