Priceline Hotel: HELP: Las Vegas 5* May 18-21

By Hank,

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Hi folks,

I'm looking for the Venetian from May 18-21, too. Yesterday, I've made some interesting observations: The price on Hotwire was at first $181, rose later to $212 and is as of now $252 ! I tried Priceline again and got a counteroffer at $172 for a bid of $99 but declined.

I wonder that the price at Hotline does vary that much during the day.

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That's three of us who want the same dates for the V...

The price on Hotwire has been fluctuating a lot. I've never seen it less than $175 for those dates.

Doesn't look good at the moment for less than $150. Hope you all have a backup!

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If the counter is $172,its going to take about $160 to get it.

Normally, from recent experiences, the counteroffer can be beaten by around 50% of the difference, in this case ~$135. But I did not want to to go that high because I'm quite sure that I'll get a better price one to two weeks before.

Note to the moderator: I had no intention to open a new thread b/c I have no problem with my bid. Therefore I replied to a similar thread instead of opening a new one. No need to split my answer off and create an "HELP" thread IMO ...

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Hank, i moved your post to its own thread because the dates are not exactly the same as the thread you replied to (you are looking for 18-21 while the other thread was looking for 18-20).

If the nite of the 21st ends up being a nite that prevents you from getting accepted at the Venetian then your post will ultimately have a different title than the one that stops short on the 20th. It's also possible that the other user will change their mind and lower to 4* or decide to use Hotwire (or you could change your quality level) which would also raise the issue of adjusting the titles according once each of these stays is resolved.

I added "help" to the title just to make it easy to recognize that this is not yet a thread that has a 'win' but rather is a bid in progress... not necessarily that you were needing assistance. Hope that explains the reasoning as they're purely administrative in nature, if you aren't satisfied with this let me know via PM.

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My bids for the V on the dates i'm looking for (18-20) have been up to $135 (as of 4/23). I'm backing down for awhile, to see how things settle out. My backup is a free 1* for listening to a timeshare presentation (scary). I think I may just stay at a reasonably priced 3* if it gets down to that.

Paul :)

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Venetian was $237 and MGM $113 yesterday on Hotwire. Today back to the usual $252/$131.

My backup (cancelable) is the Mandalay Bay at $129 since I don't want to end up in a Time Share presentation :)

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Online rates at the V now dropped to $269 each day for May 18, 19 and 20.

Up to now, especially the 18th has been consistently higher ($369) then the other days.

HW, though, still asks for $248 ... ts ts ts ...

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