SAT - SAN 5/04- 5/10

By Ringman,

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Your Offer Price: $178.00 (per ticket)

Applicable Taxes: $27.30 (per ticket)

Ticket Cost: $205.30 (per ticket)

Processing Fee: $6.95 (per ticket)

Subtotal: $212.25 (per ticket)

Number of Tickets: 2

Total Charges: $424.50

Total You Saved: $168.08

Compared to the lowest published fare available (at the time of booking) for the itinerary and airline shown above.

Used $10 in "Bonus" Money per ticket which supposedly had them find, or look for tickets based at $188?

This, after numerous rebids and counter offers (I think PL even let me go back and forth a couple of times on Jet aircraft, then back to non-jet, then back to just Jet aircraft again.... all the while throwing me back counter offers.....

Actually hovered my bids around $150 - $162 (total =$392.50 for 2 tickets) with their counter offers at $220- $235 ish.....(plus fees tax etc.) right where Hotwire beat them by $20 or so..

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