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By crontab,

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Update on the hotel. I couldn't find where to review the hotel on this site so I'd figure I'd update it here...

My review is nothing different than most others, it's essentially small and clean. I stayed in the most basic room. The bathroom is adequately sized, the sleeping area is not necessarily "small", the room is just long and narrow where only one side and the foot of the bed is accessible. Not a big deal for a single person. There's more than enough room for business travel.

Since this was booked via priceline I got the worst location for the room, right next to the stairs and elevator. But surprisingly I didn't hear a thing. It was quiet.

One last comment about the lack of an iron. They do have an iron! It's just shared amongst the floor. Next to the free water bottle machine is a "guest closet", where extra blankets, coffee, etc reside. I saw an iron there as well. Unfortunately I discovered this on my last day of my trip. But I use a different technique to "iron" my clothes without an iron. I make sure I iron them before I leave for the trip, pack them, and they obviously become creased. When I arrive at the hotel, I steam up the bathroom it's max. I hang my shirts and pants for about 15-20 min in the steamed room. All the creases are gone. They obviously aren't crisp in starched dry clean manner, but there aren't any luggage wrinkles...

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that's ghetto and a major waste of one of san francisco (california's) dwindling natural resources. wrinkled is in anyhow

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Just to report back:

This is a perfectly fine hotel, not a bad location we found (although not great either for tourists). Of course the area is very empty during weekends.

Large bathroom, but a small hotel room, and especially only one small bed. This was just tolerable for us Europeans, but I think a 1.30m (4'7") wide bed would not necessarily count as "sleeps two" in America.

Positive: Free chilled filtered water bottles at the elevator.

So my verdict is: acceptable if the price is right, but if you need a wider bed, don't risk bidding for this.

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If I would've known about how shoddy the rooms are in this hotel before I booked, I would've shelled out the extra $20 per night for a better place.

The bathroom door didn't have a lock, and there was about a 3/4" gap between the bathroom door and the door frame.

It reminded me of a dorm room.

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