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  1. Update on the hotel. I couldn't find where to review the hotel on this site so I'd figure I'd update it here... My review is nothing different than most others, it's essentially small and clean. I stayed in the most basic room. The bathroom is adequately sized, the sleeping area is not necessarily "small", the room is just long and narrow where only one side and the foot of the bed is accessible. Not a big deal for a single person. There's more than enough room for business travel. Since this was booked via priceline I got the worst location for the room, right next to the stairs and elevator. But surprisingly I didn't hear a thing. It was quiet. One last comment about the lack of an iron. They do have an iron! It's just shared amongst the floor. Next to the free water bottle machine is a "guest closet", where extra blankets, coffee, etc reside. I saw an iron there as well. Unfortunately I discovered this on my last day of my trip. But I use a different technique to "iron" my clothes without an iron. I make sure I iron them before I leave for the trip, pack them, and they obviously become creased. When I arrive at the hotel, I steam up the bathroom it's max. I hang my shirts and pants for about 15-20 min in the steamed room. All the creases are gone. They obviously aren't crisp in starched dry clean manner, but there aren't any luggage wrinkles...
  2. Was looking for 3* - 2* in Markham for 40-50 without success, but got this in Scarborough for $45 instead for my parents. And lastly, I forgot to go through the correct link... sorry, I forgot...
  3. Good deal. Tried to get a 4* during that week in USE a few weeks back, but nobody bit @ $120. So i downgraded and got the 3* Club Quarters for $75.
  4. Well, I tried again once for USE 4* @100 and was unsuccessful. For my next bid, I decided to give a 3* a shot in USE/USW @ $75. It succeeded on the 1st try. Seems like a good rate, but I wish I went lower to actually see how low I can go. I got the Club Quarters Hotel on Clay Street, which is about 1.0 mile away. ~13 minute travel via muni according to 511. Read that rooms are small and clean, which is good. Only concern is that walls a supposedly thin. We'll see. One last question. How can I update the title with my new info? I don't see an edit button for my first post anywhere....
  5. My typo, I meant till August 17th. Ic, I didn't know that PL does not release inventory that far in advance. Yes, if I must, but that's a last resort.
  6. Okay, I will try that. There are some hotels affiliated with the convention holder that will give a group rate of ~250 up till the 9/17. Do you feel rates will go down after that period of time or go up? I guess it depends on availability in the end.
  7. Yeah, I've been noticing that people have been getting their deals waiting at the last minute or a few days before the trip. It seems that rooms near Moscone are slowly being booked up around that period of time maybe due to the convention. If I don't succeed with my $100 4* this weekend, I'll just go for a 3* or Boutique for hopefully less than $100. Don't want to wait too long and be stuck away from Moscone. Will post updates...
  8. tried again today without success rejected use 100 rejected use/usw 105 rejected use/usw/civic 110 rejected use/usw/civic/cath 122 seems like hotwire 4* went up to 185 as well....
  9. This is for VMworld, a Vmware convention. They state 10K people will be there even though registration isn't even over yet. Here are the amenities that Hotwire listed: Hotel Amenities Fitness Center: Guests have access to exercise equipment; an additional charge may apply. Restaurant(s): Property offers at least one restaurant on the premises; hours and days of operation may vary. Business Center: Guests have access to business equipment and services; an additional charge may apply. High-speed Internet Access: Guestrooms are equipped with high-speed Internet access; an extra charge may apply. [EDIT]Judging from these amenities, this seems to be the Grand Hyatt? Or am I incorrect.[/EDIT] rate of $149 per night Retail $239.00 You save $90.00 or 38% This is in USE, right where I want to be. Hmm, selected the four areas closest to Moscone, they all seem to be in a bundle, I don't want to stay much further away. So in essence I shouldn't be expecting anything cheaper than $150 for a 4* that week. Does that mean hotwire's lowest price is pricelines lowest bid price as well? Okay, I just wanted to make sure I am getting the best value. I guess I will look at the 3* hotel reviews as well and the rates some people are getting. My goal was just to get the best value. Although my employer is paying for all of this, there's no point in throwing money away. Thanks. I will update on what room/rate I get.
  10. I've been reading around this site and it seems that some people are able to get some 4* hotels at ~100. I just tried this myself on priceline (via savingsbarn) starting at 80 up to 95 but was unsuccessful. Spanning locations USE/USW/Civic/Cath Hill. Am I doing this too early in the game? Or am I too late? I am going to SF for a convention at the Moscone Center. Will rates stay higher during that period of time since they know there will be a customer base? I decided not to rent a car since parking is expensive and I probably won't have time to drive much although I did reserve something @ Dollar just in case. The BART and MUNI will suffice for the one or two trips I want to take to some restaurants and to/from SFO. As far as amenities go, it doesn't matter. I just want a clean room, clean, comfy bed, with a clean normal sized bathroom/shower. I see on hotwire that there is a 4* hotel in USE for $150. Should I go for that? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Great site btw.
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