Priceline Hotel: 3* Salem, NH-Andover, MA (Billerica-Tewksbury) Doubletree

By OldRelayer,

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This is a perfectly horrible hotel, but because of the location and the cost, I seem to keep coming back. The last time we stayed here, they lost their electricity in the middle of the night, we decided to check out rather than to wait for breakfast. Not faulting the hotel for an electrical malfunction. The problem was, there was no checkout under the door king of thing which I like, I suppose due to no power. We tried to check out at the desk, to find the desk clerk deeply engrossed in a personal call that she refused to give up. We tried our best to get her attention and I even went to the parking garage and got the car and came back and she was still on the phone. Workers were coming in trying to find out what was up with the power, she also blew them off. Finally, we just left the key and hoped that everything was right, we didn't spend anything extra and the room was prepaid through Priceline. I emailed DoubleTree. Someone was suppose to call me which they never did. I emailed Doubletree again and told them so and about a week later we got a $50 certificate from DoubleTree Lowell, not note, no apology, just the cert. So I will stay there again for $45 with tax and fees and have dinner on them. Our final destination is Worcester. We will be arriving late and leaving early, as long as the bed offers a good nights sleep and the room is clean, I guess we are good. This last stay other than the aforementioned problem the room was pretty nice, cleaner and nicer then other stays, although I guess DoubleTree's strategy for Priceline customers is the rooms the very furthest from the entry and desk, not a bit problem, it was very quiet, not sure if there were any rooms around us that were booked, never saw anyone.

The hotel offer typical 3* amenities, has a restaurant and free parking, although if their very small lot if full it is a bit of a pain using the parking garage. I suppose they have a pool, never looked for it.

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