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By KenC4x4,

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First- I wanted to try for the Amerisuites in downtown F.L., But when I checked their website for availability of a suite for four, there weren't any.

I went to Hotwire to bid anyway, and there wasn't a 2.5* with a red S. So I decided to try the 3.5* w/red S (Embassy). But as I went through the process, the next step was to "buy" after I entered. I didn't see a place to enter a bid. Where is it? The rate shown for the Suite I wanted for 4 showed a price for $331. Again, where or when do you enter your bid? Any other tips for a bidding stategy are welcome. Is there a 72 Hr time limit on Hotwire? Can we use free re-bids?

I'd like to do this soon, as it seems the hotels are starting to fill up.

Thanks for your help,


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Ken, at $331, the Embassy Suites is WAY overpriced for that night. Although you could acutally make money with Hotwire's Double the Difference Guarantee.... but you probably don't want to go through all that.

If Hotwire is showing that rate for the 3.5* with red "S" icon in the Downtown Fort Lauderdale zone, don't purchase. Buying directly from Embassy Suites is much less, not to mention other hotel search engines.

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I will add to BurBunny's comments that "inventory and pricing changes all the time".

Just because a hotel is shown at $331/nite today does NOT mean that it will be that rate tomorrow. Book a cancelllable back up where there is no penalty, then keep trying Hotwire to see if the rate has come down. If it stays at $331 as your date gets closer, then you can decide to keep your back-up, go for a different star level via Hotwire, or see what you can end up with using Priceline.

Don't get discouraged and keep us up to date.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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