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I'm new to bidding for rental cars via priceline. I'm pretty good at getting good bids at hotels. I searched the site, but I didn't see any helpful tips about bidding for cars. I'm planning an 8 day trip from MSP to DEN for the end of July and I'm debating about renting a minivan or just taking our 2 cars. Which would be cheaper generally? What's a good bid per day for a minivan rental? Do I have a mileage limit? I'll be driving it there and back. Thanks for all of your help. BTW is priceline or hotwire better for bidding for rental cars? Sorry about all the questions, just entering them all now instead of after each response.


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I found that Priceline/Hotwire work best for last minute bids. I usually reserve a rental car at the lowest rate I can find on the rental company's web site. Then I recheck weekly with whatever new specials/coupons are available and I rebook as needed. If the rate is still high a few days before the rental, then I'd use Hotwire or Priceline.

Looks like you're not looking for a 1 way rental - just a 8 day rental from MSP. I've seen rental rates for minivans around $280 but this was winter rates. Cars were $230, so minivan would have been a better deal.

Always check local rental locations as well, as you may save due to lower taxes/fees.


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thx so much for the info. Looks like car rentals take a little more work than renting a hotel thru priceline. That $280 rate, excuse my ignorance, but is that a week rental, and also what do they consider a week? Lastly, let's say I bid $35 and it's accepted, how much will end up paying per day (i.e. priceline extra fees, mileage fees, etc.)


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Sorry - yes that was a weekly rate. I missed that in my post. A weekly rate is 5, 6, or 7 days. The 8th day would be charged at a daily rate.

If you try to do a 'dummy bidding' on Priceline - putting in the city, dates, and bid amount, the next screen will show you the total price including taxes and fees. All cars on Priceline include unlimited mileage.

Looks like a $35 bid for 8 days at the end of July = $400.16 on Priceline.

On Alamo, using the VacationOutlet.com contract ID 698805 and the $15 off coupon on the site, the total for 8 days is $365.06, therefore booking direct would be a better option. You could also cancel and rebook at any time if the price decreased.

Good luck,


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I initially reserved with what I thought a good price for an Avis minivan rental using a couple of discounts for a 9 day stint at the end of July. I got it for $473.93 for a base rate... $549.05 with fees and taxes. I then bid thru priceline for a minivan for the same stay. I started out at a ridiculous price of $15. After a week (or two) of rebids I got the minivan rental with Alamo for $29 a day or $375.38 total with taxes and fees. Needless to say I was thrilled. This was my first experience bidding for a rental car. I do have 2 questions if somebody could answer them...1. Has anyone had any success getting priceline to change the credit card after your bid has been successful? I'd like to change my winning bid from my visa card to Amex.

2. I will be the main driver, but there will also be another driver...Does it matter if another 50+ year old driver shares the rental driving with me for insurance purposes (if we get in an accident while he's driving?)


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