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  1. Oh Yes it was with National Car Rental both times. The 1st succesful bid was on Friday April 29th at night and was $60 more in in priceline fees than the successful bid on Tuesday May 3rd at night.
  2. Alright after trying over a few days and using the PRICELINE link thru this website, I landed a succesful bid for $50/day for a minivan at DEN for 9 days in July. The total came to $585 (or $65/day.) I also bid for some friends the identical DEN minivan for the same dates on a different day and I won it for the same $50 but the total came out $60 more. The increase was in the priceline fees. Has anyone noticed if priceline has a better time of day to get their cheapest fees. Again I'm not talking about the successful actual bid, but the priceline fees associated with it. Thanks for this website!!!!
  3. After several rebids and using the Betterbidding PRICELINE link, I successfully landed the Radisson Hotel Indianpolis Airport for $34 ($46.82 total.) [This must be the absolute low cuz I started at $30 and went up in $1 increments.] This is actually an upgrade cuz I was bidding on 2.5* for Indianpolis Airport region. No pool and no breakfast, though, which kinda stinks, but I like the fresh look of the rooms.
  4. Hello, I used the betterbidding PRICELINE link and won at $42 for a 2.5 star in New Paris, OH after many rebids. Total price is $54.36. Nice looking hotel with breakfast and indoor pool. Nearby areas on Priceline don't have any 2.5 star hotels so this was an easy one to find the low price for. Thanks
  5. I used the PRICELINE link thru this website (as always :) ) and after several failed attempts starting at $40 and $ 2 increments, I landed it for 1 room for $53 a night ($67.78 total.) This is the cheapest I could find for a 2.5 star and up in Nashville, Clarksville, & Bowling Green area on that day. Something must be going on that weekend. thanks so much for this forum!
  6. I started the bid at $25 then I went up in $5 increments. I landed a successful bid at $50 with Avis for a total cost of $478.68 (includes $104.35 of taxes and fees.) And YES I used the PRICELINE link thru this site as always!!!! :) BTW this was for San Jose Airport from 12/21-12/30.
  7. Hello, Using the PRICELINE links on this site, I got the 4* Westin Mpls hotel for $55 (or $70 total cost) on 5/22/09.
  8. Hello, Over the last month, I have tried 2.5 star bidding for Hyannis, MA from $85-100 with no success. Well, this morning I bid $86, $96, then I finally won the 2.5* Hyannis Holiday Inn for $101. Total cost $345.86 for 3 nights. Cape Cod seems to be on the pricey side even for priceline bids. I usually bid for 2.5* hotels in the midwest for around $60. I used the PRICELINE link from this website. Thanks for your info. :)
  9. Hey this is weird and kinda stinks, but here's what happened. I started out bidding 2.5* in Wausau,WI at $40, then rebid $45 including Mosinee,WI, then $50 including Schofield, WI. After the last addition, the screen held for a while then I had to check back in 15 minutes to see the status. I was hoping for the Jefferson Street Inn in Wausau, WI as I had stayed there before and found it to be one of the nicest hotels I have ever been in before for the price. Well, I checked back and it said that my card's exp date needed to be updated, but that if I updated it and tried again I would get Jefferson Street Inn. So I changed cards and tried again for a 2.5* @ 48, then 49, then $50 with all the same areas and won the 3* Lodge at Cedar Creek. To some this may be a great deal, but I was looking for the Jefferson Street Inn for location and its excellent service and quality. Oh well, we'll see how the Lodge goes. The final price is $64.07.
  10. $50 in just Antioch & Brentwood for 2.5* and won Hyatt Place in Brentwood. Total after fees and taxes is $66.59. I'm pretty happy with this! :)
  11. Oops I noticed I put nice pool & sauna...it should be nice pool and whirlpool. There was no sauna.
  12. I started bidding at $30 and increased it by $1 at rebids...well after many, many tries I got the 3* Cornhusker Marriott Hotel in downtown Lincoln for $55 for 2 rooms. I tried to bid again for a 3* star hotel for the following Friday, but I wasn't successful even after going up to $57. Here's my hotel review: Pros: Very beautiful, impressive entryway complete with oak staircases and ceiling to floor paintings. Nicely Decorated rooms, Great front desk customer service, neat alcove glass overlook in each room for a great view of city, very clean and up-to-date, great workout room. They use Bath & Body products, great downtown location. Cons: No complimentary breakfast, for this caliber of hotel, the pool and poolside area was pretty small, no sauna or whirlpool, You have to pay $6 a day for parking. Would I stay again? Yes for $ 50- $60.
  13. I won the 2.5* Chase Suites Hotel in Lincoln for $40 for 2 rooms on 8/3/07. I just checked out so here's a little review: (Moderator you can move this...) Before I got to the hotel I requested 2 newly remodeled rooms that are pet free and smoke free. The Front Desk lady said that they were 80% done with all of the rooms, so I had a very high chance of getting one. I have stayed in nicer 2.5* hotels thru priceline, but for $40 I'm very happy. Pros: very generous continental breakfast including pancakes and donuts! Room was newly remodeled and up-to-date with pleasant colors and interior decorating, Room comes with full kitchen, bathroom fixtures are high quality, very nice 30"+ flat screen tv on a high quality swivel mount, nice highly efficient a/c, heating control system, nice basketball court, outdoor pool and sauna Cons: Pretty noisy like an apartment complex with thin walls and ceilings which allow you to hear upstairs neighbor and outdoor activities, also a fairly noisy dishwasher and furnace/air system, even though the room was remodeled the painter did a horrible job with paint all over moulding, plumbing & electrical fixtures, I had to wait for about 5 minutes each time I went to the front desk waiting for the guy on the phone. Outdoor bbqs are pretty dirty. Would I go there again? Yes for $40-$50.
  14. Hey, I initially reserved with what I thought a good price for an Avis minivan rental using a couple of discounts for a 9 day stint at the end of July. I got it for $473.93 for a base rate... $549.05 with fees and taxes. I then bid thru priceline for a minivan for the same stay. I started out at a ridiculous price of $15. After a week (or two) of rebids I got the minivan rental with Alamo for $29 a day or $375.38 total with taxes and fees. Needless to say I was thrilled. This was my first experience bidding for a rental car. I do have 2 questions if somebody could answer them...1. Has anyone had any success getting priceline to change the credit card after your bid has been successful? I'd like to change my winning bid from my visa card to Amex. 2. I will be the main driver, but there will also be another driver...Does it matter if another 50+ year old driver shares the rental driving with me for insurance purposes (if we get in an accident while he's driving?) Thanks
  15. Just letting u know that I started bidding at $30 for a one night stay and worked up in $5 increments to $50 over a week period for a 2.5 star in Wausau, WI. For this star rating, I was allowed one harmless rebid since Mosinee didn't have a 2.5 star hotel. On one of the bids, it suggested that I could get it at $52, but I didn't take it. Well my travel plans changed, and I needed to stay 2 nites in Wausau. So I started the bidding process again starting at $35, and I ended up winning the bid for 2 nites @ $45. I'm so looking forward to this hotel as all the reviews state that this is quite the luxurious hotel. The only downside is the small pool, but the in-room spa should make up for it!!!! I'll try to remember to report on the hotel when I'm back.
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