Hotwire Hotel: 4.5* Maui (Kaanapali) Hyatt Regency

By YankeeCaliguy,

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Looking for a nice hotel in Maui 8/30-9/4

Just checked Hotwire and it looks like the 4* Sheraton is at $249/nt while there is a customer favorite 4.5* for $358/

Now the ???...

Which hotel is the 4.5*?

Is it worth the extra $110?

When is the best time to look for deals in Maui (Lead times, like how soon in advance?)

IS the Sheraton listed the one on Black Rock?

Thanks for all the help.

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I have stayed at both, bottom line is Sheraton has better beach, Hyatt better service. Rooms about the same although Hyatt's might have been a bit bigger. I liked them both. Self parking at Hyatt is horrible, not enough spaces. Sheraton parking , plenty of spaces but you park far from your room. Hyatt has much better pool, but not much of a beach. These are both nice hotels, but 100 more for Hyatt is a bit much. You will enjoy either one, but if being close to a nice beach matters, go with Sheraton.

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  • 2 months later...

After looking at all the properties and forums for Maui, I've decided the Sheraton is the best fit for me. Since it's been deleted from the Hotwire list, is there any bidding tips or alternative sites to get the best deal on THAT hotel only. Although nice hotels, I think the Westin and Hyatt are not as good a match. Any thoughts?

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So it looks like the Sheraton is booked. It's not coming up on Hotwire and is not offering anything but $600+ rooms on their site. The good thing is, the Hyatt has dropped to $205 (4.5*) There is a 4* w/o Laundry that I would say is the Westin @ $358. Is there something I'm missing here, 4.5* at $205 seems too good to be true...Caveat Emptor? Anyone?

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There haven't been a lot of successful bids for the Sheraton Maui recently. Indeed, bidding for Maui on priceline and HOTWIRE has gotten pretty unattractive in the past year or so (that could of course change -- there are published reports that occupancy levels in Hawaii are down, due to the higher prices, and unsold rooms are usually good news for opaque bidders).

I agree that the Sheraton is the best place to stay on Kaanapali. I highly recommend it. If you don't have SPG miles to burn, I'd recommend reading some previous posts and the Starwood board at Flyertalk to see if you can find a Starwood Vacation Ownership package (which may or may not require a timeshare tour) for your stay. I think you will get much better value that way than trying to bid on priceline. Unfortunately, that's the current "lay of the land" in Hawaii.

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The Sheraton does NOT come up on Hotwire as an option for Maui, nor is there any availability on their website for anything other than $500-600 suites.

I was looking at the properties using GoogleEarth (FlashEarth) and it seems they share the same stretch of beach, yet many people say the Hyatt's beach is inferior. Can't I just walk a ways down the beach to Black Rock and a better beach? Seems as if it is only a few minute stroll.

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Kaanapali Region, is this the Hyatt? What is the chance it would be any other hotel?

9/1-9/7 4.5* $205 nite

Hotel Amenities



Fitness Center



Business Center

Laundry Facilities

High-speed Internet Access

Golf Nearby

Tennis Nearby

Spa Services

Children's Activity Program

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The above is a match for the Hyatt so that would be our best guess.

The Sheraton has the same amenities, but has previously been reported at the 4* level... no evidence of an upgrade for this property, so that would be a potential curveball, but i think the chances are relatively low.

If this is a concern to you, and since this is a Customer Favorite, you can see if this property shows for the first (or last) nite of your stay and then for the balance. If so, you can purchase the first (or last) nite of your stay in order to 'look behind the curtain' for the cost of one nite... then if it's as expected you can then purchase the balance of your stay (and usually at least one of the Customer Favorite comments will be the same, so you can be assured of the same hotel)

Please use this HOTWIRE link to begin any purchases you make. If you do split your purchases as discussed above, please use our HOTWIRE link to begin each purchase (ie- click the links here to access HOTWIRE and make your first purchase, if you decide to purchase the balance of your stay, return here and click the link again to begin the second purchase)

Let us know what you decide or if we can be of further help.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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