Hotwire Hotel: 3.5* Boston (Back Bay-Copley) Sheraton Boston

By kstrom,

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Hi All,

I won the Hotwire Jackpot -- For a very brief time on May 21st, HOTWIRE had the following listing for June 7-10th:

3.5 star hotel in Back Bay-Copley Square $29

Customer favorite

fitness, pool, restaurant, business & internet

I snapped it up, and as expected it was the Sheraton Boston. (The best online rate for that period is $299 for a king. Nothing with double beds)

I called a friend who tried a few minutes later and the rate for a hotel with the same description was >$250 per night..

I am almost certain that the rate was a typo, but the request went through successfully and I got a confirmation # etc. So far I haven't gotten any email from Hotwire saying it was a mistake.

So here's my question to the group: Do you think the hotel will honor the reservation? Do you think Hotwire will honor the rate? Are they required to do so?


PS I still need a room in the Cambridge/Boston area for 6/6. (The Sheraton on-line rate for 6/6 is $270. I just can't bear to spend 10 times more ...) Any suggestions?

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I think HOTWIRE will honor the rate (although technically it is the hotel that will actually end up honoring the rate, since they are the ones who loaded it into the system) as they have been very good in the Customer Service department and this doesn't appear to be a widespread error (where there were hundreds/thousands of reservations made at this price)

You could phone, email, fax a 'bedding request' to the hotel a few days before your stay if you want to have a little more peace of mind upon arrival, but i suspect everything should go smoothly. (and given the non-cancellability of HOTWIRE reservations i would try to force them to honor if they try to back out of it, but again, i'm doubtful they will try to do so)

Have a great stay... let us know how it ultimately goes.

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Hi Betterbidding Folk,

For the sake of logistical simplicity, we decided to pay $289 for the first night at the Sheraton Boston. The staff at the Sheraton Boston did indeed honor our 3 day Hotwire $29 reservation. They were perfectly gracious, linked the expensive regular reservation and the Hotwire reservation so we did not have to switch rooms. The only glitch actually had to do with the "regular" reservation. They had us booked for an "executive suite" for the first night and a "mini suite" days 2-4. My understanding is the executive suite is considered more desirable, but it only has sleeping accomodations for 3 people and we were 4 people. They offered us various solutions, but we chose to be downgraded day 1 to a minisuite.

The mini-suite was great, especially for a family. It was a true suite, with 2 separate rooms. The bedroom had 2 double beds, a large night stand between the beds, a chair and dresser. The living room had a couch (not sure if it was a pull out bed), chair, endtable, dresser, and desk. The bathroom was directly accessible from both rooms. This arrangement meant that we could get up, shower and dress without waking up our kids.

Even paying $289 for first night, the per night cost averaged out to about $90 a day. A real bargain!


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