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Hotwire Hotel: 3* Milwaukee (Airport MKE) Holiday Inn and Suites

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By versley,

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Here is a new one for the Milwaukee Airport area list.

Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites, 545 W. Layton






Business Center


$46 + $13.77 taxes and fees = $59.77

I was positive this was the Sheraton 4 Points but was surprised when this came up. Not great reviews but it is a pretty new hotel. So we will see. Still a good rate since all other sites have it over $100 a night.

Sorry did not use the link as I was just doing my daily check to see if anything had changed and since this was lower than it has been I was afraid to start over through the link. Afraid it would go back up. I hesitated to post this because of that (embarassed ) but figured it is important to add this hotel for any future users.

I still need another hotel for the night of the 5th so I will use your link on that one, promise!

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If you look at the second post in the Hotwire Hotel List you'll see tha this property was listed there (now with a line thru it since it's now been 'confirmed' and moved to the first post).

We're glad you chose to report this 'win' to the board, but as we've often said before, "if it's worth searching... it's worth clicking thru a link to begin your search".

Enjoy your stay.

EXCLUSIVELY at BetterBidding:
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(3+ stars / 2+ nites... expires 04/30/2020)

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Do you know if they allow for you to keep your car there while traveling for 6 days?

If I look up the hotel and call the front desk, they say for $159/night you can keep a car

for 2 weeks.

I didn't ask if booked through hotwire, so I thought I'd ask here?

Anyone know how this works? Hotel lists airport shuttle, but not sure if that includes parking for air-travel?

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