Priceline Hotel: UK bidding help March 1-7

By thesqueegeekid,

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I have to bid this today for a friend... if anyone has any suggestions as I start learning about London Hotels...

His main requirement is a hotel with in-room internet access...

He is flexible on which zone but prefers ...

"Mayfair - soho and Kensington - earlscourt would be good.

in terms of address, we would like to be within Zone 1 in terms of the

Tube, because thats central london. Work will be paying for this."

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If work is paying for it, and he wants in-room Internet access, I would probably suggest giving Priceline a miss, tempting as it is. The odds of not getting it would be too high. I seem to remember complaints on Flyertalk in this respect about even high-end hotels in London.

If he is going to go high-end, the Conrad Hilton in Kensington is a likely 5*. The problem is that it is so far from the tube - very inconvenient.

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For internet access in London there is a place called "Easy Everything" which provides hi-speed internet access inexpensively.

They have a great business model... you pay based upon how busy they are! You buy a 'credit' of x pounds. As you surf if they're very busy the rate may be 20 minutes per pound, but late at nite when it's slower you may get 500 minutes per pound. There's no set schedule as to when rates go up or down, it's all dynamic and based upon the current demand. While you're using the internet you can see rates go down, up, and down again!

Surroundings are bare bones and it's only slightly better than a cafeteria style tables and chairs with terminals, but it's functional and sort of a fun place to be if u're on vacation and not doing any serious work. There's even a 'cafe' button in the corner of the screen which you can order coffee/snacks and they'll deliver to your terminal.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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Don't go to Expedia and Hotels.com. Rather, check these "crazy" Euorpean hotel internet sites WillTravel and I have been posting in our recent European links.

And here's another one that specializes in London.

Seems perfect for the "picky" person who needs certain features. Otherwise, my experience is that Priceline is better in London than it is in Paris.


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