Priceline Hotel: 4* Los Angeles (Beverly Hills-West Hollyood) Mondrian Hotel

By calboy07,

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in your opinion, if I want to be able to walk to Sunset Blvd for the nightlife activity, should I just stick w/ the Beverly zone or I should add Brentwood/Westwood for a better chance. You mentioned that I don't have any free rebid in 3* Beverly zone, then what about if I go for 4*? and how should I go about it if I want to shoot for 4* in Beverly zone? THX!!!

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I don't know the area well enough to comment about which zones would be best for you. Hopefully somebody who knows the area better will be able to comment and/or you can look at our Priceline Maps for the Los Angeles area and get a better guage of the hotels in each zone and where they are in relation to where you want to be.

The 4 star hotels in the Beverly Hills zone typically go for more than $100/nite... although sometimes just a bit more. How high would you be willing to bid for a 4 star?

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Winning a room near Sunset clubs came up in another thread yesterday. Brentwood/Westwood hotels aren't walking distance. About 4 miles. Easy to catch a cab.

The concentration of Sunset clubs--House of Blues, Comedy Store, Laugh Factory etc--are at the east end of Priceline's WeHo/BH zone. The Mondrian (4* on Priceline) and Hyatt (3* on Priceline) are across the street from each other and best locations for Sunset clubbing.

Whether you bid 4* or 3* on Priceline you could win something besides Hyatt or Mondrian though. Some of those other hotels are at Beverly Hills/Century City end of zone; good hotels but 1-4 miles from Sunset clubs, depending which you win. Again, easy to catch a cab.

Best chance of winning something right on Sunset is bidding 3* level rather than 4*. Hyatt almost always comes up as the 3* while 4* wins are more scattered around the zone.

Usually you can target the Hyatt on Hotwire by its amenities, but Hyatt also costs more with Hotwire than Priceline. Mondrian hasn't been reported on Hotwire yet.

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I saw people are getting 4* Intercontinental & Mondrian Hotel for $110 between 4/20-24 where hotel's own website showing $395. while for my dates it's showing $325/$325/$305/$305/$305. You think I can get it for <$100? I am willing to bid upto $110 for 4* if necessary. Please advice strategy w/ free rebid zones if any. Thx!!

btw anyone knows how much they charge for parking in those 4* in beverly zone? is that a 1 time fee for the whole stay or in/out?

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When bidding 4* in Los Angeles you have four re-bid zones available. If you're not familiar with re-bidding please read Priceline Re-Bidding Explained and feel free to ask questions and/or confirm your re-bid zones with the board before proceeding.

Select 4* Beverly Hills...

Bid $80, if rejected add re-bid zone1...

Bid $85, if rejected add re-bid zone2...

Bid $90, if rejected add re-bid zone3...

Bid $95, if rejected close browser and re-access priceline however you did previously.

Select 4* Beverly Hills and re-bid zone4...

Bid $100, if rejected add re-bid zone1...

Bid $105, if rejected add re-bid zone2...

Bid $108, if rejected add re-bid zone3...

Bid $110.

Any questions feel free to ask.

Good Luck and let us know how it goes.

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hey study that rebid things a little bid, and figure when bidding 4* in Beverly, I'll get the following free rebid zones

(:): Beverly Hills - West Hollywood

Zone 1 (Z1): Brentwood - Westwood

Zone 2 (Z2): Culver City

Zone 3 (Z3): Redondo - Manhattan Beaches

Zone 4 (Z4): Santa Monica & Marina Del Rey

and I figure if I am to bid as the following, I'll get upto 15 free rebids, so I can increment @$2 each time instead of $5: (my undergrad statistic class finally pays off now!!!!)

First bid) New bid: B

Rebid #1) Rebid screen: B, add Z1

Rebid #2) New bid: B+Z2

Rebid #3) Rebid screen: B+Z2, add Z1

Rebid #4) New bid: B+Z3

Rebid #5) Rebid screen: B+Z3, add Z1

Rebid #6) New bid: B+Z2+Z3

Rebid #7) Rebid screen: B+Z2+Z3, add Z1

Rebid #8 ) New bid: B+Z4

Rebid #9) Rebid screen: B+Z4, add Z1

Rebid #10) New bid: B+Z2+Z4

Rebid #11) Rebid screen: B+Z2+Z4, add Z1

Rebid #12) New bid: B+Z3+Z4

Rebid #13) Rebid screen: B+Z3+Z4, add Z1

Rebid #14) New bid: B+Z2+Z3+Z4

Rebid #15) Rebid screen: B+Z2+Z3+Z4, add Z1

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Can someone try to figure this out....

How come if you search for hotels in Santa Monica, it does show 4* hotels.

However, when you name your own price and check the Santa Monica/Marina Del Ray box, it shows that there AREN'T 4* hotels in that area.

Does this mean that you can't get a 4* in Santa Monica using name your own bid, or is it some kind of priceline error? I want to use Santa Monica as a re-bid zone, but don't want to be stuck with a hotel there.....

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used up all 15 free rebids from $80 to $109 and was offered twice to pay $22 more for instant rebid but ignored. and would like to confirm that Santa Monica is indeed a free rebid zone for 4* in LA.

winning details for 2 rooms:

Check-In Date: Fri, May 4, 2007

Check-In Time: After 03:00 PM

Check-Out Date: Wed, May 9, 2007

Check-Out Time: 12:00 PM

Your Offer Price: $109.00

Number of Rooms: 2

Number of Nights: 5

Subtotal: $1,090.00

Taxes & Service Fees: $175.32

Total Charges*: $1,265.32

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